What Happens When You Die?

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Arguably, one of humanity’s greatest questions—and greatest fears—is What happens when you die? Does anyone really know? Is there anything to fear?


Those are great questions. Are there any good answers? Definitely, yes!

As Johnny said, our title is arguably the most-asked question among humans. So the first thing we want to address today is the myth of death. For there is no death. Most humans move through their lives fearing something that does not even exist!

We realize what you call “death” seems to be a real experience. You have all experienced the physical death of loved ones, humans and animals. And, through your fears, you have experienced your own death in advance.

And yet none of this is real. By “real” we mean it’s not what it seems to be to your physical human eyes.

You did not choose to come into physical form to merely struggle, suffer, and then die.

You see, friends, you never die. You are eternal. You are God and Goddess in physical form for a short time.

You came into physical form to experience “solid” life. For eons, you have joyfully flowed through non-physical reality—what you might call “heaven.”

But being the joyful, playful beings you all are, you thought it might be fun to experience the denser realities—what you call physical life.

The important word here is “fun.” You came to Planet Earth to have fun, to play, to find and spread joy wherever you roam.

That is your life’s purpose. There is nothing serious here. As the playful creators you all are, you intended physical life to be a fun experience—no matter how it may appear to your human eyes.

Yes, we acknowledge this “fun” can take on many appearances—sickness, suffering of all kinds—but also all the sensual, happy physical experiences you all share.

Then, when you decide, at  your soul level, you’ve had enough of this “fun,” you simply decide to go back to the home you never truly left.

And that is exactly what “death” is—returning home joyfully.

No matter what “form” of death you choose, it is always a joyful experience. Yes, there may be—often is—some physical discomfort, even pain, in this whole process of dying.

But if you see it all through the eyes of your soul, of God, then you will rejoice. For you are simply going home—to the Home where you belong eternally, and which you have never left.

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Edited by Berna Copray


In this video, Deepak Chopra answers the question Is life after death possible?


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4 Responses

  1. Genevieve

    I have no fear of death as I truly believe I am an immortal soul but I have seen so much pain and distress occurring in the dying process that I wonder why that is necessary. Really enjoy Deepak and was fortunate enough to listen to him live in Singapore many years ago.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much for your comments. The pain and distress you speak of is, sadly, really unnecessary. It’s all due to our misunderstanding of what death truly is—a new beginning, not an end.

  2. Jeannie

    Eternity lies in the palm of my hand
    Each rose a thought , a sparkling hope
    where lies the fear but in the netherland
    of hopes that fade and minds that close

    life and death a means to an end
    a means to a beginning where life Is
    a magic place that knows no bounds
    where Eternity resides and loves unbound

    there is no fear
    the path is true
    life and death is
    the way through

    I call this “Home”
    written by me (Jean S Horn)
    John you always do inspire me. Thank you for being You 🙂
    love and hugs

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