When You Need Help Always Go Directly To the Top

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do not be afraid to ask for help

Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it

I’ve been a customer of Amazon’s many years, and have always been pleased with their customer service. But the past couple of months I’ve had a frustrating, ongoing problem with them. Without going into the boring details, they were refusing payments from my bank account. This is an account I’ve had for 25 years, and I’ve been using it with Amazon over 15 years.

I talked to everyone I could think of—Amazon’s customer service people (several times), my bank (several times), my family and friends who are Amazon customers, etc. Nobody had any answers. I was hitting a brick wall. I’m generally pretty patient and optimistic. But this was beginning to wear me down.

Then a thought occurred to me, “out of the blue.” A message from Spirit, perhaps? Why not write Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon?

Immediately I said to myself, “That will never work. He’s too busy to read a letter from someone he doesn’t even know.” But my intuition kept prodding me. So I sent an email directly to him.

Within 24 hours I received a kind reply, and the problem was fixed. Why didn’t I think of that two months ago?

This was a great lesson for me to simply ask for help from the top. In this case, Jeff Bezos.

The next day I was catching up on some paperwork. Upon finishing, I realized an envelope with a check (which I needed to mail right away) had disappeared. I don’t know how long I spent looking all over for it. I cleared my desk, looked through my files, examined every nook and cranny of my office. No luck.

I walked out of my office, threw up my hands, and said, “Okay, Spirit, help me find that envelope.”

I went back into my office and there was the envelope on my otherwise empty desk. The desk had been totally clear moments before when I left the office. The envelope had reappeared “out of nowhere.”


Why are we so reluctant to ask for help when we need it? And why not go right to the top—whether the “top” be Jeff Bezos, Spirit, or our own higher guidance, our intuition?

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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Here’s a short video of Dr. Brené Brown discussing asking for help with Oprah Winfrey.


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20 Responses

  1. Pat

    Good post, John. I liked your story and how you went to the top and got results. It’s interesting for me in a little different way. I have never found it hard to ask for help. In fact, it’s quite the opposite in that I’ve always looked to others for help first before trusting my own judgement. I’ve learned to change that and listening more to my inner thoughts and feelings for guidance and direction before looking to others first. Spirit has helped me with that.

    Thank you — I shared. 🙂

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Pat. I think I’ve been down that same road you have — not trusting my own judgement or intuition. But I still hesitated to ask for help when I really needed it. Quite a dilemma! 🙂

  2. L

    I don’t like asking people for help because I don’t want to be a bother or burden to others. I do ask for a lot of help from Spirit though. So much actually, that I sometimes feel a bit guilty asking so offen. But I do get it. A lot. It’s very humbling.

  3. jean

    Yes we need to believe that help is there when we need it. We just have to ask and not worry we are being weak for asking. Also believe that you will get an answer!

    Misplaced items magically appear here at my house. I can look for something and can’t find it. The moment I stop worrying about it and knowing that item will appear like magic, like your check, there it is where I previously looked before.

    By the way I love Amazon even before they came to Canada. I have never had a problem other than one time a book I ordered never showed up. I emailed them and they put the money for the book back into my account. A few days later the book appeared and I emailed them and asked them to recharge my account. They thanked me for being honest and recharged my account.

    Life is magical and so many things can be fixed in our lives if we only believe the help is there and expect things to happen for us.

    Good story, thanks
    love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jeannie.

      I too love Amazon, especially since I live out in the middle of nowhere, and cannot easily find the things I can get on Amazon.

      Life truly is magical, and miraculous — if we let it be.

      Love & hugs,

  4. Patricia Nolan Stein

    That’s a wonderful story to share. Thanks!

  5. George Ball

    That’s a great story about asking for help. But first you need to know what it is that you need help with. My life could be improved much but I just don’t know where it might be useful to start or how to start. So, John and Spirit, help me to start. What comes to me is: “I want a wife.” Let the good times roll!

    • John Cali

      Well, George, I’m not the best one on the planet to ask for advice on getting a wife. 🙂

  6. Mikala

    Oh, I love this one! I was told, taught, directed in childhood, quite seriously, not to ask for help, but figure out a way to do it myself without notice. I remember getting a spanking for crying when I had fallen backwards and fell on a sharp rock which went into my skull. So, you ask, why am I reluctant to ask for help? (Please note that I am laughing here.)

    Honestly, I believe that we were given directions early on in life to be strong, and that asking for help made us weak and “less.” Having been told this regularly, I didn’t even think about it. I just lived it.

    I love the video, but I don’t think I agree totally with the concept. I was also taught that you always help those in need if you can because that was what Jesus told us to do, and Jesus loved everyone. This made absolute sense to me as a child. It was not a judgement of others, but rather a personal, caring obligation or duty or opportunity as a child of God. Like, “that’s why we are here.”

    I know now to ask for help, but it took a very long time to do so. AS for going to the top, that’s a great idea. Creator knows exactly what you need and is knowledgeable of which of his angels or masters knows the most about helping our situation. Seems like the best place to go. My dogs love St. Frances.

    I know I’m not appearing to be serious here, but I truly am.
    Much love to you all,

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Mikala.

      I think most of us in our generation were brought up to believe asking for help was weakness. Like you, it took me many years to learn that was a lot of BS.

      As you say, the Creator knows our every need and desire. And when we ask for help, we get it — often instantly.

      I too love St. Francis. For what it’s worth, I often ask Archangel Michael for help with computer and car issues. He’s really good with those. 🙂

  7. Roy

    True. I found the video interesting too, never really considered it that way before, but quite true. For myself, I grew up in a family where we always helped out and no one ever came to help because we had it covered, and that has stuck.
    I find myself asking my guides for help on a regular basis now though, and believe in it or not, I am usually pleasantly surprised at how things work out. And when it doesn’t work out as I think it should (that’s loaded!) then when I examine what I asked for I can usually see how I wasn’t specific enough (or thought I was but on reflection, this could mean something else) and how I can improve my request next time!
    Thanks John.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much for your thoughts, Roy.

      I grew up in a family like that too. But I guess it was the old Roman Catholic “I am not worthy” thing that had us believing we should help others, but not ourselves. I agree we don’t always get what we ask for, but we do always get what we need.

      Thanks again, Roy.

      • Roy

        Hello John.
        I had a bit of the old Roman Catholic guilt tripping too, somehow though I just never bought into it. Quite likely comes from my Dad and Mum and the way they brought us up.
        Enjoyed your comment about “getting a wife” too.
        Best wishes.

        • John Cali

          Hi Roy,

          I sure know that feeling of “the old Roman Catholic guilt tripping.” I did buy into as a youngster, but finally wised up as an adult.

          Glad you enjoyed the “getting a wife” comment. That’s something I was never good at. But no regrets. 🙂

          Blessings, dear friend!

  8. Tom

    My 2c: we don’t ask for help because we believe it’s a sign of weakness and we should be able to cope with problems by ourselves..

    And we don’t go right to the top out of limiting beliefs that it won’t work for us 🙂


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