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In this blog we’ve recently talked about several of the Seth concepts, including life is supposed to be fun and creating our own realities. Today we’re going to talk about yet another of those concepts I first heard from Seth.

I spent many of my younger years living in the past or the future, but rarely in the present moment. I was forever wishing the present could be as good as I remembered the past. Or that it could be as good as I imagined the future. Or I was feeling guilty about what I’d done or not done in the past. And worrying about what could go wrong in the future.

I was giving away my power by refusing to be here now. All that probably sounds familiar to you, as most of us do that one time or another in our lives. For some it’s a perpetual state of being.

Yet Seth said all our power is in this present moment.

Here’s what Spirit says:

“There is no real benefit to you in delving into the past, unless it helps you feel better now. There is absolutely no benefit to you in envisioning a dark future filled with all sorts of unknown terrors.

“It is fine to look into the past and pick out those parts of it that feel good and joyful to you. But ignore past pain and trauma.

“It is fine for you to look into the future and see it shaping up into experiences that feel good and joyful to you. But ignore all the dark dramas the doomsayers would have you adopt as your own.

“All of your power is in the present moment — absolutely all of it! There are no exceptions.

“If you’re feeling guilty about your past or worrying about your future, you’re doing it now. You cannot feel guilty or worried unless you’re doing it in this present moment — now.

“Neither the past nor the future have any power over you. Only you have power over you. And all that power is now.

“Use your power wisely.”

Do you find yourself living in the past or the future, and missing most of your “now” moments? Please comment below.

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