How comfortable are you when you’re alone? If you’re like a lot of folks, you probably avoid being alone as much as possible.

Then there are those who actually enjoy being alone. I’m one of them. I love people, but I also need my “alone time.” And I’m never bored or lonely.

Here’s a great video with some practical tips on how to be alone, and the benefits of alone time.

Here’s Spirit.

All humans need “alone time,” to use John’s phrase. But relatively few of you ever get it. Or, more importantly, ever see the benefits of it.

Let us say this at the outset: It is good for you to be alone.

We are not saying to become a recluse, or to go off and live the rest of your life in a cave.

We are saying you all need to get to know yourselves better, to remember who you are. You cannot do that if you are constantly surrounded by other people, or by the many distractions of your world.

Other people and your modern world offer you many benefits, and they can contribute to your personal and spiritual growth.

The danger is — and many of you have experienced this (though you may not be fully aware of it) — you begin to define yourselves by the people you know, the possessions you own, your bank accounts, etc.

Friends, possessions, money, etc. are not bad. But they can be, and often are, limiting because you literally lose your self in them. The only way to regain that lost self is to spend time alone.

Your alone time can take many forms, as that video John included here shows you. The form is not important. But it is important that you take time regularly to simply be by yourself, to learn to love and appreciate yourself.

When you are totally comfortable being alone you will be empowered to be fully present to others. You will more fully know who you are. You will more fully love that self you are. You will come to more fully know, appreciate, and love other people, all that is.

It is only in your “aloneness” you will come to know your deep connectedness with all creation. In knowing that connectedness, in immersing yourselves in it, you will never again be lonely — whether you are physically alone or not.


Do you enjoy being alone? Or do you need to be with others most of the time? Please comment below.