Alternate Realities

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Recently, Berna and I were having one of our daily chats about spirituality.

She told me she was planning to visit a close friend of hers. I asked her about this friend’s neighborhood, as I remembered it from our recent visit—the red brick buildings with many big trees, large grassy expanses, and other details. Berna knew the area well.

Then she said she and I had never been there together. I was, to put it mildly, surprised! I asked her if my description of the neighborhood was accurate. She said it was, down to the last detail!

How could this be? How could I know so much detail about a place I’d never seen?


Although this may be hard to accept, all of you humans live in many different worlds.

You read that right. There is not just one world, one universe. There are many. They are countless.

You all have experiences like Johnny and Berna just described above. You don’t usually remember them. But you experience them nonetheless.

Many years ago, Johnny had another similar experience. He was alarmed by it back then, as this was all new to him at that time

He asked us for our thoughts. This is what we told him:

You all pop in and pop out of this existence you call life on earth. You do this many times daily, usually with no conscious awareness of it.

So why not make this a conscious experience? You could decide, for example, to pop into a reality where, for example, you are in perfect health. Or where you have far more abundance than you have ever had. Or where you are happy and carefree all the time.

These realities exist as surely as the one you’re experiencing in this moment. These realities may look similar, or even nearly identical. But there will always be a striking difference. You will see it if you’re paying attention.

If you’re seeking a healing, for example, you will be healed as you move into this alternate reality. You will have moved into a state of grace. And you will know all is well.

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Did you ever wonder how many universes there are?

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  1. Jeannie

    The Multiverse! This really is a good one.
    Last year my son bought me a pair of shoes, runners. They were brown with orange lases. I did not like the colour, rarely wore them and only when I went out with my son. Well one day I decided I would wear them shopping and they turned black with pink lases. I kid you not, I was surprised, and so happy. Did I slip through the cracks of space, maybe but this is one instant of weirdness that happens.

    We are more than what we seem. There is so much we can do if we just let go and fly. It can be scary, and it can be every so wonderful! What we intend is important, what we believe is possible just as important. Believe in the impossible and the universe opens like a flower reaching for the sun. We are that sun!

    Love this post, wonderful job!

    lots of love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jeannie. That’s a fascinating story!

      As you say, if we believe in the impossible, then it becomes our reality. We humans seem to have a bad habit of limiting ourselves when, in truth, we are unlimited.

      Lots of love and hugs to you too, dear.

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