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Back in the late 1800s in the American state of Vermont, a minor family squabble blew up into a major confrontation. One hot-headed family member called the police. The matter ended up in court.

The local neighbors thought that was a huge overreaction to a minor difference of opinion. The end result was the hot-headed one was driven out of his hometown, never able to return.

A bit before all that happened, the legendary writer Rudyard Kipling penned his famous poem, “If.” The poem offers wise counsel on how to keep a minor disagreement from exploding into a major confrontation.

The hot-headed one in the above story was none other than Rudyard Kipling. He obviously did not heed his own advice.


One of the greatest challenges you all face as humans is trusting yourselves. We’ve said this many times over many years—you are God. When you finally understand and accept that (and you all will reach that point), you will have fulfilled the mission for which you came to Planet Earth.

Every problem you are facing on your earthly journey will be easily and effortlessly resolved when you realize who you are. Many of you often search for answers and solutions from other humans, from books, from everything and everyone except yourselves.

Within each of you—no exceptions—lies all the wisdom, all the power, all the answers you search for everywhere but the only place they can be found—within.

You are your own best advisor. No one else possesses the wisdom you do. Because each of you is unique, so too is your inner wisdom and power.

You are your own best advisor. Trust that. Trust yourself. Trust the God/Goddess within. Only then will you find the love, peace, and wisdom you’ve been searching for so long.

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In this touching recitation, Sir Michael Caine reads Rudyard Kipling’s poem, If.


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