Candlestick Park Football Game by John Cali

I am not a sports fan, and never have been. One of the reasons is sports, at least in the USA, are far too competitive to suit my taste. This is a time when our planet needs desperately to be replacing competition with cooperation.

For those of you who are sports fans, I’m sure you know about the brawl in San Francisco at the Candlestick Park football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. Two young men were shot and severely wounded, and may die. All because they supported one of the teams, and some supporters of the other team decided to take revenge.

Spirit talked in our last blog post, “Detaching,” about allowing. Here’s part of what they said:

“Allowance is simply letting go, letting everything and everyone (including yourselves) be okay just as they are, where they are. Until you, as a human race, get beyond needing others to live as you think they should, you will continue spinning out of control.”

Obviously, the gunmen (the suspects are both male) were certainly not in a place of allowing. They were in that black perspective that says “If you disagree with me, you are wrong. And I am right.” And they’re willing to murder to defend their indefensible positions.

What do you think about all this? Please comment below.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes I think that I was mistakenly born on a planet filled with the most backward savages in the universe. But then I remember there are no accidents. I was supposed to be born here and observe the carnage and stay as true as I can to the idea that life is sacred. All life. That is very difficult to do sometimes.

  2. Robin S.

    As a child, I used to play and love many different sports, but now I am no longer a fan of any. It's interesting that when we are young we play for the fun and the joy of it, but when we get older, we play or watch with numerous other intentions on our mind.
    In the news, we mostly hear the worst of things, instead of the best of things. It has been said, that "None of news is good news" or is it that…"No news at all would be good news". 😉
    I think that in this age of technology, we are able to see into the things that normally would remain irrelivant to our own situations, and we get sucked into it ALL. If we didn't know what was going on on the other side of the world, or in our neighbors houses, we wouldn't stick our noses right smack dab in the middle of it all, or have to make an issue of it, and there certainly would be less rules needed to play the game. Though…I'm sure that this is all balanced out in one way or another. However, "Contrast" is a funny thing, it is neither "all bad", or "all good", it's just a different perspective.
    It's best to know that all is well and as it should be, in all of creation. Some say that life is just a game anyway, and as in the game of Chess, as you all may know; we play the game as all the aspects of the game pieces. A piece never dies, when captured, that aspect is just taken out of play, and as you reach the other side of the board as one aspect, you can choose to take back your power piece, which someone else has taken from you…

    Namaste 😉

  3. Anonymous

    Which explains why I have largely given up following sports. And, also why I divorced my husband.

    I can appreciate the grace and skill of athletes but not the obsessive need to win as well as the self identity of the fans that is so tied to this. (And, of all sports, I love ice hockey the most. Go figure.)

    My former husband loved to follow his college football team, who always seemed to lose when he watched them, and the angry, dark energy rising from him as he watched was impossible to be around.

    It made no sense to me. All of the players then were not even born when he was a student there, and yet his identity was totally tied to being a Huskie.

    It is shifting, however, among our young. My grandson, who is almost 12, is a gifted student, and in his special program there was a chess tournament, and Gavin won top honors among the 60 students involved. While he was pleased to have won and proud of his abilities, he was also distressed that the boy he beat at the end started to cry when he lost, and Gavin felt empathy for him.

    I am not certain that I agree with one of the other comments here, that everything that exists has to be torn down. That is a core belief to me, and if we believe that it can all shift peacefully, without destruction of the old institutions, it can.


  4. Anonymous

    99% of all the misery in the world is caused by one person (or ethnic group) imposing their will upon another.

  5. John Cali

    Thank you very much, Jeanne and Shirl, for your wise and insightful comments.


  6. Shirl

    All concepts of awareness and higher consciousness are "simple." However, as I am sure most people who comment here know, "simply letting go" is not always so simple for us or so easily accomplished. We have a lifetime of programming that is counter to almost all of the simple ways to move forward into allowing and knowing and expanding consciousness.

    Letting go is a process. It takes some monitoring and observing of self and some serious intention of letting go. Many of those whom I speak to in my practice on a daily basis say with some frequency. "I let that go, why is it coming back into my life again?"

    Indeed we have the opportunity to see these situations or experiences in a repetitive sequence when we are changing our perspective to a new, more expansive way of being. I see them as reminders that I am moving along in the direction I intend, or that I have perhaps not been as focused on my thoughts and actions. We sometimes, no matter how unwittingly, continue to call these things we are releasing back to us over and over again.

    What I see most often is our lack of willingness to allow others to be who they are, where they are along their journey. We have EXPECTATIONS especially of those we are in closest association with. Very often We have an AGENDA when we interact with others. As much as we may think we are allowing and open to others it is often not the case.

    The very wise non-physical entity, energy being, Tobias suggested to us several years ago that we needed to:

    Have no expectations
    Have no agenda
    Release the need to know
    Trust in the process of becoming

    It has been for me, many years of focusing on those very concepts and coming to know that we can repeat and speak and write the concepts for eternity but the necessary process is to BECOME the concept. What you model, what you BECOME is what will bring what you are seeking and is truly the only way we can teach (show) others. We can not change anyone but ourselves. We may sometimes be able to assist or suggest to others when or IF they seek our advice, but the change has to be theirs for their lives.

    Allowing others to just be who they are, where they are along their journey is a wonderful thing, not just for them but for the beautiful divine BEings we are becoming.


    Blessings and love to all

  7. Anonymous

    I think I will just allow them to be in a place of not allowing. They are doing a really good job of showing us what happens when you do not allow others to be what they wish to be.

    We have a lot of "not allowing" going around right now. Conservatives, Fundamentalists, the Tea Party, et al are busy trying to force their world view on the rest of the world. The same can be said for many of those of liberal persuasions.

    In order to build the new world that we so fervently hope for, this one has to go. We cannot build on a rotten foundation, so our institutions have to be torn down. Since we would not do so voluntarily, we have asked large portions of the populace to make sure that the old institutions and conventions do not work.

    In response, the congress has immobilized itself by refusing to allow that others may have a valid point of view. Our government is pretty much paralyzed. Our education systems are going down for the third time. The medical system is in shambles and drug companies have decided not to make drugs that are not very profitable. It has gotten so bad that the states are having trouble getting the drugs to execute people.

    The world stock markets are plunging, European countries may default on their loans and the world economy is tanking. National governments are beset by rioting, economic problems,and scandals. Most of it due, at least in part, by people not allowing others to think or live as they wish.

    I think I will just sit and watch in amazement at the lengths people will go to to ensure that others do not follow their own hearts, but adhere to the dogma set out for them.

    Jeanne in WV

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