Candlestick Park Football Game by John Cali

I am not a sports fan, and never have been. One of the reasons is sports, at least in the USA, are far too competitive to suit my taste. This is a time when our planet needs desperately to be replacing competition with cooperation.

For those of you who are sports fans, I’m sure you know about the brawl in San Francisco at the Candlestick Park football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. Two young men were shot and severely wounded, and may die.… Read more

Detaching by John Cali

Many years ago I was a commercial pilot and flight instructor. In our company we used small single-engine Piper aircraft to train students. One of the most challenging lessons for students (including me when I was a student) was spin control.

Many fatal aviation accidents in those days were caused by pilots losing control and spinning into the ground. So spin control was a required part of the flight curriculum.… Read more