This week, Spirit has a few more words about last week’s coronavirus post.


When the coronavirus is over, you will enter into that golden age you have long dreamt of. It will be a time when you cherish and love one another more deeply than ever before. And  you will cherish and love yourselves more deeply than ever before.

There is nothing to fear

Your bond and love with the God within grants you immunity like nothing else can.

We are talking about the greatest power in the universe here—the power of Love.

No “evil”—no “devil”—can penetrate or destroy that Love. You are safe. You are loved. You are eternal.

There will be those who choose to move beyond their earthly lives during this so-called virus. That is fine, and we wish them godspeed.

But there are those—many of you reading this are among them—who will remain. You will remain to usher your sisters and brothers into this new golden age.

Your work now is not only to continue to help others (and, of course, yourselves) into this new age. And you will also continue your work of world service as you move into what, we promise you, will literally be heaven on earth.


And remember, even if you catch the virus, your best physician is the one within, the God within.

And finally…

We’re all aware of the fear engulfing our planet today. But none of us need to live in fear, as many are choosing to do. And it IS a choice. We can choose otherwise. A Course in Miracles tells us there are only two choices: love and fear.

We’ve seen many uplifting messages about the virus from some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers. In our opinion, one of the best is from Alan Cohen. It’s a powerful message. It will carry you from fear back into love. Watch it here

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In this wonderful, short 2-minute video, Billy Bush interviews Deepak Chopra, M.D. Deepak offers some powerful practical and spiritual advice to help us all get through this crisis as easily as possible.


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