Are You Living In the Shadows or In the Real World?

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A shadow can only convince you of its reality for so long before you see it for what it really is. When it no longer moves according to the laws you know…then you will look to what is casting that shadow, and when you see this source you will release it altogether by turning on the light. ~ The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking by James F. Twyman



We’ve all experienced the shadows, the darkness of life on our planet. For many people, that has become a near-constant way of life. But it does not have to be that way. That is not what the Creator wants for us.


Your Creator never meant for you to live in the black shadows covering so much of your planet today.

We say this kindly and with love: But you created those shadows. You created all the perils, traumas and chaos you’re witnessing on Mother Earth today.

We do not want you to beat up on yourselves for having created all that. You can move out of—and beyond—all the dark shadows and back into the real world. As it says in the quotation Johnny used above, all you need to do is turn on the light.

The “light” we speak of is the simple recognition of who you really are, and a return to that awareness you were born with as infants.

The good news is more and more of you are waking up, and quickly. Those of you reading this are among those enlightened souls.

In your choosing to wake up from the dark dreams, from the shadows, you are powerfully affecting all your sisters and brothers on this planet. You are powerfully affecting all life on this planet.

All is well. You are banishing the shadows by shining the bright light of who you truly are upon all that is. You are one with God and have never been separate from Him/Her—or from each other. Welcome back to the real world.

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In the real world (not the illusory one we see with our physical eyes), we recognize that eternal fact of life that never changes: We are one with God. Then we move beyond the world of shadows and back into the knowing of who we really are. In this delightful, lighthearted video, James Twyman and friends dance to the music of One With God.


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6 Responses

  1. George

    Hey Johnny, I’m glad to know that you and I are “One with God.” Love and hugs, George

  2. Jeannie

    Enlightenment comes at the most austere times like when you are faced with your death and you decide to live and do. This shows you who is in control of your life , not another, not a disease, not an accident but you. This is when you have turned on the Light within yourself and all shadows disappear for they were never truly there. Smiles of love! A great piece John and I love what Ron B said, good job, well done.
    love and hugs

  3. Ron B.

    When one loses the fear of the shadows one is enveloped in light. Metaphors to be sure but necessary in this reality. Darkness is a great messenger and motivator. It also has many degrees just the same as light does. We get to choose or decide and learn from the results of our decisions. That is life and how it is meant to be. Some call it evolution.

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