Do You Know Who You Are? by John Cali

Kirk Douglas, legendary American actor and icon, told a thought-provoking little story some years ago.

Kirk was driving down the freeway in southern California when he spotted a young man hitchhiking. He pulled over and the youngster jumped in.

It was only after he was in the car that he took a look at Kirk. With a shocked expression on his face, he blurted out  “Do you know who you are?”

I love this story because it asks a great question.

If you looked in the mirror, deep into your own eyes, and asked that question, would you know the answer?

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  1. Sathiaseelan

    I just watched the movie 'Rango', and he found out he couldnt walk out of his own story. We I guess are all living our own 'stories', with us being the main character. So I guess that means I need to embrace all the hardship I am going through now, and hopefully get over to the next set of experiences quickly.

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