Do You Want To Be Healthy, Happy and Slim? by Barbara Clark



Where is your focus? Are your negative beliefs being activated?  What is your vibration around being healthy, happy and slim?

Try this simple exercise, say aloud “I am healthy, happy and slim”.  Pay close attention to how you feel when you say the words. How true do they feel?  Do you feel a “stuckness”, resistance, tightness?

Now try, “Why am I so healthy, happy and slim?”. How does that feel? Is there a difference?

This exercise will help you feel  where your vibration is in relation to health, happiness and having a slender body. No matter where it is, it is  caused by a thought or  belief and a belief is only a thought that you’ve thought over and over until it became your version of the truth.

You can easily change your thoughts and beliefs. Take baby steps, be gentle with yourself. If you need some ideas about how to change your self talk and beliefs, please check out the free transcripts available on this blog

This little video explains Abraham’s take on beliefs around being healthy, happy and slim. Focus and appreciation!




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  1. Lorraine

    Thank you Barbara, it is all about perception…I like to use the word ‘light’ instead of ‘slim’. When l am overweight and feel overweight, l feel ‘heavy’, but when l feel l am at my happy weight, then l feel light and energetic….If the word slim works, then use it, if not then find a word that does…as Abramam says, ‘ It’s about how we feel ‘…love to you both 🙂

  2. Shih-Min

    Forget about the “slim.” Be healthy, happy, and beautiful.


    • Barbara

      I don’t think we want/need to forget “slim” or anything else anyone wishes to experience. The theory behind achieving any of our desires remains the same.

    • Shih-Min

      “Be beautiful” doesn’t exclude the desires for a satisfactory physical state including body shape; moreover, “being beautiful” goes beyond to connote a mental and spiritual state of harmony, balance, and compassion for self & others.
      And “slim”?
      The point is: does your desire for being slim also serve your mental and spiritual desire for harmony, balance, and self-expansion. If it does, then OK.

      We have to be reflective in our interpretations of any messages we receive, from Spirits or Masters; and we have to be discerning when we apply.

      With Love,

  3. Susan

    Barbara — I wish to thank you so much for your wonderful offering. There is still so much misunderstanding of the ways of the consciousness!

    Love and blessings to you and all that you do…

    • Barbara

      Thank you, Susan, I am so glad you enjoyed it.

      You are right, there is a huge amount of misunderstanding and in the field I am passionate about, i.e. physical health and well being, that misunderstanding leads to dis-ease and pain.

      Thank you for your kind comments and support.
      Love and blessings to you.

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