The Doors of Perception

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perception dominates

Every day you look out at the world around you through the doors of your perception. How real is that perception? What if you’re making it all up?

You may have heard the story about a wise old guru who always had the perfect answer for every question.

One day, someone told the guru he was moving to Chicago, and wanted to know what the city was like. The old guru asked, “What is the city where you live now like?” The man replied, “It’s a crazy world! People are unfriendly, they’re always complaining about everything.” The guru replied, “That’s exactly what Chicago is like.”

Then someone else came to the wise old guru, and asked the same question. She was also moving to Chicago and wanted to know what the city was like. “What is the city where you live now like?” The woman replied, “It’s great! People are friendly, they’re always willing to lend a helping hand.” The guru replied, “That’s exactly what Chicago is like.”


When you look out on today’s world, what do you see?

It depends on the “lens” through which you look at it. You might reply, “Well, the world is just what it is, isn’t it?”

Not really. What you see “out there” is only what is “in here.” As one of Johnny’s favorite quotations from A Course in Miracles puts it, “Perception is a mirror, not a fact.”

All of you see only what you carry around inside you—your thoughts, beliefs, values, etc.

So can you change what you see? Absolutely, yes!

But you can’t do it by “fixing” the world, other people, even yourself.

In fact, there’s nothing to fix because there’s nothing wrong with the world, other people, or you.

In God’s eyes, all is perfect. How can that be? Because God sees only through the eyes of love. Once you also start seeing through love’s eyes, everything and everyone will transform in miraculous ways.

As A Course in Miracles says, the world “out there” is nothing more than a reflection of your thoughts. The Course puts it bluntly—the world you think you see is not real. The world you think you see must end.

Thoughts of love will transform the world into into a place filled with peace, joy, and happiness. This is what God wants for you.

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Edited by Berna Copray


Alan Cohen is one of our favorite spiritual teachers. In his book, A Course in Miracles Made Easy, Alan says “Pray for the end of the world. Pray for the end of fear, loss, suffering, and death. The world as we know it makes no sense. End a senseless world by coming to your senses.”

Here’s Marianne Williamson with some great advice from A Course in Miracles.

How can you replace fear with love?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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6 Responses

  1. Sarah Drury

    Hi John, long time no see. Hope all is well.
    I enjoyed this post. It made me think of an experience I had on Thursday evening when I went to perform my poetry in a pub. A girl was singing and by X factor standards she was no Beyoncé but I had this weird experience all night. Instead of sitting in judgement, I got immersed in the performance as though I was the performers themselves and felt their passion and joy.
    It made me realise how much of my life I waste judging people and situations instead of immersing myself. Probably nothing to do with the post, but still interesting!

    • John Cali

      Hi Sarah,

      Great to hear from you again!

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I think most of us have spent too much time judging others and not enough time appreciating the divine gifts we all carry within ourselves.

  2. Tracy

    Thank you, John, I’ll look for that book. No wonder I’ve been seeing references to Jesus lately! I’m glad Marianne is helping you, also. She truly is an amazing soul!

  3. Tracy

    Hello John! Ten minutes prior to reading this post, I sat outside thinking, I cannot wait to get out of this place and into the new one I’ll be moving to. A quiet voice in my head said, it will follow you. I groaned, because I know that is true.

    Sometimes I forget to replace my fear with love, and it totally messes up my mental filter. Listening to Marianne truly helped me, and I thank you for sharing that!

    As for how we replace fear with love, though I sometimes struggle, I think it’s the little things. Taking care of ourselves, meditating, loving ourselves and others, and maybe trying to remember that it IS all an illusion that we’re perceiving. I need to listen to ACIM more, so that I’ll keep hearing Marianne’s voice in my head. Haha I wish you a beautiful weekend!

    • John Cali

      Hi Tracy,

      I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m delighted Marianne’s talk helped. She’s a great teacher!

      I think most of us struggle with that fear-love issue, at least at some point in our lives. ACIM has been a great help to me over many years now, and I’m working with it again now.

      BTW, you might enjoy a book I’ve just finished (if you don’t already know about it). I found it powerful and deeply inspiring. The (unlikely) title is Jesus, My Autobiography. You can get it on Amazon.

      You have a beautiful weekend too!

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