Refuse to be a part of fearful dreams, whatever form they take, for you will lose identity in them. ~ A Course in Miracles



Our world is filled with fearful dreams. We need look no farther than the news headlines to get a glimpse of all the visions of horror, all the fearful dreams being dumped on humanity.

But we do not have to buy into those dreams, into that darkness. We do not have to make ourselves victims of whatever real or imaginary villains are out there. Because nothing is “out there.” It’s all “in here.”


Although we realize it’s tempting to believe your world is filled with victims and villains, it is not. There are no victims. There are no villains.

Yes, your world today is, as you might say, in one hell of a mess. But is it, really?

Your planet has always had dramatic challenges and changes since the dawn of history as you know it. But you are all here now, aren’t you?

You truly do create your own reality. You create the world you live in because the real world is not “out there.” It is “in here”—within you.

The best thing you can do, no exceptions, is to find and expand the peace within. You all have it, but you don’t always tap into it. Some are not even aware it is there, within. They are always looking for it in the world outside themselves.

Find that peace within, nurture it, grow it. Do whatever it takes to accomplish this. Regular meditation is one powerful tool that works beautifully. And there are other tools. Pick whichever ones work for you.

When you are in a state of peace, that peaceful vibration radiates all about you. All those around you—people, animals, plants, even so-called “inanimate” objects—will be positively affected by your powerful vibration, by that energy of peace.

That is how  you create peace on earth—by first creating it within yourself.

When you are faced with the drama and disasters of your world—for example, when you watch or read the news media—send the world love. Especially send it to all the villains, all the victims. One single thought of love and peace has the power to transform another being, any situation.

Also remember this: You each live in your own reality, in the world you have created within. You project that inner world out and that becomes your physical experience.

Finally, we’ve spoken before about something our brother Seth said many years ago. (Seth is the spirit guide channeled by the late Jane Roberts.)

Seth said there were two different endings of that event you call World War 2. One ended in the way you or, depending on your age, your parents or grandparents, experienced it. In the alternate ending, your world was destroyed in a nuclear holocaust.

No matter which of those two realities people experienced, they chose that reality.

All that was, is and will be exists in the eternal now, in that field of all possibilities. You get to choose. So let your dreams be of love, peace, joy, compassion, and service to the world. Then you will live out those dreams. But you can also choose the opposite.

Dream well. Live well. Be at peace. Dreams come true. So dream the good ones. Then you will live in a peaceful world.

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