…all endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time. ~ Mitch Albom, author of The Five People You Meet in Heaven


In case you missed it, the world was supposed to end last month on Saturday, September 23. That was the theory promoted by David Meade who calls himself a “specialist in research and investigations.” Oddly enough, Meade said he didn’t really expect it to happen. Obviously, it did not—at least not for you, if you’re reading this.

But now, Meade is saying October 15—that’s tomorrow—will be the beginning of the end for all of us. He said, “Hold on and watch. Wait until the middle of October and I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.”

If you’re confused by all this, I don’t blame you.

Will the world really end one of these days? Or will it just go on and on? How does the concept of alternate or parallel realities fit in here?

Here’s part of what we said a couple weeks ago, in our post How To Predict the Future:

The spirit guide Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts, once said there was an alternate reality where World War 2 ended in a nuclear holocaust. Obviously, none of us—or our parents or grandparents—experienced that reality.


While there certainly are parallel realities, who do you think controls them? You do! You’re not victims of fate, or God, or Satan, or whatever.

Although you all experience linear time while you are in physical bodies, time is not a “fixed” experience. (Nor is space.)

You all have the ability to manipulate time. Although you often do it, you’re not always aware of doing it. Can you travel into alternate, or parallel, realities? Yes. Can you learn to do that consciously? Again, yes.

So what’s happening with all the “end of the world” scenarios humans have been creating a long time now?

Many of you are simply unhappy with the “here and now”—the present moment. So you dream up these scenarios allowing you to potentially escape from the present moment. Or so it seems.

And yet you will never escape. Because, even if it seems you are escaping, you will always “be here now.”

So what is an alternate or parallel reality? It is just another aspect of the present moment, of the eternal now. It may not seem that way to your human senses, but that is what it is.

You are all free to explore to your heart’s content. But you will never escape from your present moment. And why would you want to anyway?

All your power, all your wisdom, everything you could ever wish for, exists right here, right now. You just don’t see it yet. But you will.

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