Farewell to Rosie by John Cali

Yesterday my dear friend, Barbara Clark, bid farewell to her beloved Rosie. Rosie, a rough collie, had been with Barbara over 14 years, almost since she was a newborn puppy.

I know many of you reading this care deeply for your own dogs, and for all animals. My spirit guides say we never lose those we love, human or animal. But still, we’re sad because we miss the warmth of their physical presence and the unconditional love shining brightly in their eyes.

At times like these words seem so inadequate. Here are a few words from Spirit on another such occasion many years ago:

  • They (your animals) often return to visit you. As do your human loved ones. But most of you are not open, at least not fully open, to that happening for you.
  • When you do not believe, you cannot see. You often say, “When I see it, I’ll believe it.” But it’s always the other way around — when you believe it, you’ll see it.
  • You never lose those you love. If you remain open to them, “alive” or “dead,” you will always be comforted by them. You will feel their presence, their energy.
  • And you will know you are loved.

Goddess bless you, Barbara. Godspeed, Rosie. We shall all meet again on the far side of The Rainbow Bridge.


If you feel guided, please share your thoughts with us below.

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  1. Sunny

    Dear Ms. Clark, I am so sorry to read about of the loss of your beloved companion pet, Rosie. I understand the heartache as I lost my beloved companion pet after 16 yr.s. I thought my heart would break during those first weeks afterwards. One year-to-the-day after he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge I got a phone call out of the blue and someone asked me if I would adopt a kitten, and so I did. I have not doubts that we will see our beloved pets again at the Rainbow Bridge. My healing thoughts are with you, Sincerely, Mrs. S. Bower.

    • Barbara

      Dear Mrs Bower,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments and healing thoughts. The quietness and lack of physical presence takes a bit of getting used to. However, as I type, one of my cats is having a “mad half hour”, dashing about like a mad kitten, maybe she’s trying to make up for the silence.

      It’s amazing you got that call exactly a year to the day, there are no coincidences, are there.

      Very best wishes and gratitude,

  2. Micki

    What an incredible tribute to your beautiful Rosie, I too, beliieve that I will meet all my furry friends, not to mention feathered friends, when I pass over and what a reunion that will be.
    Much love and hugs to you both.


    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Micki! We will indeed have a grand reunion when we’re all together again!

      Lots of love & hugs,

  3. Barbara

    Hi Connee,

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I truly believe they are still helping and loving and guiding us. Personally, I’ve been able to hear Rosie better since she passed than I did when she was right here with me.

    I heard her footstep/nails on the concrete as I sat out in the garden today. At first I thought I imagined it, but it came again and she said “You can’t hear my footsteps as well as you could before because I am so light now”. She is loving being light and is sending us SO much love. Just as I believe your Rosie is. We are so blessed by these amazing souls choosing to be in our lives.

    I wish you all the love and joy that our Rosie’s wish for us,


  4. Jeannie

    Barbara, so sorry, I know how you feel. Over the years I have lost beloved pets and they all seem to call at one time or another. I feel their spirit is alive all around me. When they come to mind like a person, they are near you.

    love and hugs

    • Barbara

      Thank you, dearest Jeannie.

      We all knew 2012 was a huge time for new beginnings and I know this is all part of it.

      The love and support I have received and that we all give to each other, human and spirit, is a huge blessing. And, I believe a huge learning, love never dies.

      Tons of love to you and yours and deep gratitude,

  5. Connee Chandler

    Hi, John and Barbara,

    Oh, how I understand the love of our fur-faced family members and the change that takes place when they leave before us. I love that you are already experiencing your eternal connection to Rosie and can feel her ongoing communication already. I know how good that feels!

    My 16 year old gray cat, also Rosie, made her transition on January 18th. A few days later I was feeling a bit lonely, clicked on an ad on Facebook, ended up joining Match.com. And met my new human partner, Paul, there a month later! I feel like Rosie led me to him directly so I would continue to be accompanied in my life!

    We are blessed, as you both are to have each other as comfort during this time of change.

    Much love,


    • John Cali

      Hi Connee,

      What a beautiful story — thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! These little creatures who pass through our lives all too quickly are such amazing teachers and healers for us.

      Much love to you and Paul,

  6. Martha

    Oh John..
    That was so beautiful.
    It brought tears to my eyes.

    Will treasure it and pass along.
    How timely it all is


  7. Barbara

    Thank you, Darling, for this beautiful tribute to a special friend. As you know, we’ve both had so much communication from both Rosie and Schnapsi since yesterday afternoon there can be no doubt they are still very much with us as well as having fun together.


  8. jerry pottle

    I love the subject of pets because they offer unconditional love to us. My family used to live with a miniature red dachshund we called Ginger and she was the runt of the litter. When she was little, she would run sideways and acted so cute and goofy, she really entertained us and she really brought much love to our family.
    I was in the military and we had to give her up (luckily to someone who loved her dearly) because she would have to be isolated for 6 months.
    About 12 years later I was in a doctors office waiting for my wife and I was daydreaming and had a vision of our little Ginger running towards me. I knew then that she had crossed over and was coming to see me. WOW… what a loving experience that was and still is! I have learned so much from living with these little angels.

    Thanks John and Spirit
    Love to all = )

    • John Cali

      Thank you so much, Jerry, for sharing that beautiful story of your precious Ginger. As my spirit guides often remind us, our loved ones are always with us. And as you said, we have so much to learn from these precious little creatures.


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