Yesterday my dear friend, Barbara Clark, bid farewell to her beloved Rosie. Rosie, a rough collie, had been with Barbara over 14 years, almost since she was a newborn puppy.

I know many of you reading this care deeply for your own dogs, and for all animals. My spirit guides say we never lose those we love, human or animal. But still, we’re sad because we miss the warmth of their physical presence and the unconditional love shining brightly in their eyes.

At times like these words seem so inadequate. Here are a few words from Spirit on another such occasion many years ago:

  • They (your animals) often return to visit you. As do your human loved ones. But most of you are not open, at least not fully open, to that happening for you.
  • When you do not believe, you cannot see. You often say, “When I see it, I’ll believe it.” But it’s always the other way around — when you believe it, you’ll see it.
  • You never lose those you love. If you remain open to them, “alive” or “dead,” you will always be comforted by them. You will feel their presence, their energy.
  • And you will know you are loved.

Goddess bless you, Barbara. Godspeed, Rosie. We shall all meet again on the far side of The Rainbow Bridge.


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