God Is All That Is

Depending on your spiritual/religious beliefs (or lack of them), our title today could have radically different meanings for different folks.

Below is a recent, slightly edited conversation between Spirit and Berna. She had asked Spirit for clarification of the terms “conscious being,” “sentient being,” and “souled being.” As Spirit says below, the terms you use don’t matter—it is all God.


You and Johnny believe—to put it simply—God is All That Is.

If that’s true, then God is in everything, in all that exists. Even in what humans might call (condescendingly, in our opinion) “inanimate” beings. You know, rocks, trees, mountains, oceans—all of what humans consider inferior to themselves.

From your human perspective, there are levels of consciousness. A rock is not conscious in the way a human or animal is. Or even the way a plant or insect is.

But all are part of God, or Goddess. And in that sense, all are conscious. All are conscious to the extent God has chosen to be in physical form. Whether as an animal, tree, etc. Anything, and everything that exists, has the Spirit of God within it.

There is nothing that does not have the Spirit of God.

So we agree with your and Johnny’s perspective that God is all that is. Everything is sentient or conscious. Even what you don’t normally consider conscious or sentient. If God is all that is, then all that is has consciousness.

Humans get caught up in the so-called “hierarchy” of life. That hierarchy is really a phony, false way of looking at life. But we’d ask you to consider the overall picture of life as we have described it here.

Everything that exists was created by God. Therefore, it has the Spirit of God in it. It is the Spirit of God. It is God.

Copyright © 2022 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


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