If I Had Wings by John Cali

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You fall in love with films because films help you fall in love with life. ~ Neale Donald Walsch


Preview of April 2015 Volume 4 of Spiritual Cinema Circle Films from Gaiam TV

Alive to Possibility

Explores the challenges facing three men from different social classes: a window-washer living in south central Los Angeles, an affluent conductor living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a performing magician. Uniting them is that they have each decided that their problem is not what life has thrown at them, but is instead their own perception of their situation.

21 minutes in English. Written and directed by Jonathan Keijser.


En Route

When three groups of strangers on a train don’t speak the same language, they stumble upon connections in other ways.

12 minutes in English. Written and directed by Xu Zhang.


I Want to Dance Better at Parties

A unique combination of narrative and documentary, this film follows Phillip after the death of his wife. He starts out with a simple goal that leads him to a local dance instructor and an experience that ends up transforming his life.

27 minutes in English. Written and directed by Matthew Bate and Gideon Obarzanek.


If I Had Wings

Sixteen-year-old Alex Taylor dreams of flying. He also dreams of running for his high school cross-country track team. Both dreams seem equally out of reach, as Alex has been blind since the age of two. His father, a probation officer, finds him an unlikely running partner in Brad, a youth who spends most of his time running from the law. Together they overcome both physical and emotional barriers to their friendship.

88 minutes in English. Directed by Allan Harmon.


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