The Universe


Recently I was facing a difficult challenge, not knowing how to resolve it. It was nothing earth-shaking or life-threatening, but vexing nonetheless.

After thinking about it a few days it dawned on me I was looking for the solution in all the wrong places.

Here’s Spirit:

There’s a Sanskrit mantra John loves: “Aham Brahmasmi.”

The English translation of the mantra goes something like this: The center of my being is the ultimate reality—the source of all that is.

Think about that for a moment.

You often consider yourselves as these insignificant little specks of nothingness in a vast universe of magnificence.

Well, what if you reversed that thinking so it mirrored the Sanskrit mantra?

You are not mere specks floating around in the universe. You are the universe. Everything you desire is within you. Everything.

You are the source of all you ask for. All the answers to all your questions are within you. All the solutions to all your challenges are within you.

How is that possible? It’s possible because you are the universe. You are God.

It’s all within you.


Here is a wonderful short video with Wayne Dyer discussing this subject in a humorous but clear way.

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Do you believe you are God, and that all your wishes and dreams are within you? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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