Karma (in Buddhism and Hinduism): The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
Oxford English Dictionary


Buddha in Meditation

What is Karma?

Karma is a confusing concept for many folks. You can see karma as the ruler and master of your life. Your present lifetime then becomes a prison from which you can never escape.

That’s a dismally depressing way to live out your days.

What does A Course in Miracles say about karma?

It’s curious that A Course in Miracles does not talk about karma. The course simply says, “This is a course in cause and not effect.”

Karma is about effects

Karma, obviously, is all about effects—the effects of our choices in past lifetimes. or even “bad” choices we’ve made in this lifetime. Choices which we are powerless to change now. Choices which are determining our present lifetime and our future lifetimes.

If we believe that, it’s pretty depressing, don’t you think?


We have said, many times, the present moment is all you have. You can call it, if you like, the “eternal now.”

“Eternal now” is an accurate term because now is all you have, Neither the “past” nor the “future” exist. Those are false concepts your ego has invented.

What you did 10 lifetimes ago, or 10 minutes ago, does not matter.

All your power exists in this present moment. All of it!

However, we acknowledge it can be helpful for some to “cleanse” their lives of what the ego might see as past “misdeeds,” whether in this life or another lifetime.

Anything that helps you to release guilt and return to love, is enabling you to return to the present moment, and reclaim your power.

Then you are back in the eternal now. And that is where, the only where, you can be healed and whole again.




Although this short video has the word “Karma” in the title, it’s a pretty light-hearted take on what’s often a heavy subject.


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What is karma to you? Do you even believe in it? Is your life predetermined by your karma?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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