Kindness Is The Cure

In today’s world, it often seems kindness is in short supply. But there are as many random acts of kindness as there are acts of cruelty. Or, perhaps, more.

We only need to open our eyes to all the kindness around us. There is more of it than you would ever imagine. Although you might not think so if you follow the mainstream news.

Kindness is the cure to a world gone crazy.


We have often talked about the power of kindness each of you humans possess. This is a power far beyond what most of you have imagined or given yourselves credit for.

You may never know what a stranger you meet on the street is dealing with that day. Why not give him or her a quick smile? You may brighten their day. Or perhaps even save their life.

It costs you nothing to say a kind word to another. Why be so stingy with your words?

You, one human standing alone in that place of power and peace within, are far more powerful than millions standing together in anger, bitterness, and hatred.

Every thought you hold, every word you utter, every deed you do carries a power that can transform the life of another. Or perhaps even save that life.

You are all powerful beings of light and love. Use your power wisely.

The energy you radiate through your thoughts, words, and actions ripples out to the farthest reaches of your planet, and beyond out into the entire universe.

You are that powerful. Use your power wisely, and in kindness, as you might imagine God/Goddess would.

For you also are Goddess, you are God.


Copyright © 2023 by John Cali and Berna Copray

Edited by Berna Copray


In this deeply touching video, a young woman shows us what real kindness is.

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