In one of Berna’s recent question-and-answer sessions with Spirit, she asked about the famous Loch Ness monster of Scotland. That probably doesn’t seem like a very “spiritual” subject. But let’s wait and see.


Johnny is fascinated by the stories of the monster of Loch Ness in Scotland. What’s going on there? Are these just stories?


No, they are not just stories. There is a lot going on there. The Scottish people have struggled with “Nessie” (their nickname for the creature) well over 100 years.

All it is, as we see it, is an effort on the part of spirit (if you want to describe the so-called monster as spirit) to “make its mark” on the world.

It is a constant reminder to the Scottish people (and to others) that there is more to life than you can imagine in your wildest dreams. It’s just a reminder, a pretty dramatic reminder in some cases, there is more to life than “meets the eye.”

You have to be able to say, simply, “I don’t know.” You have to accept the mystery of life. Life is a mystery, although the solution is not far from you. It is within you.

So this is how we see this so-called “monster.”


So I guess there are more places like that (Loch Ness) on earth with these reminders.


Oh yes, many, many more. This just happens to be one of the famous ones. You can travel into the mountains, as Johnny used to do, and encounter these so-called mysteries. He occasionally had experiences which he could not explain logically.

Again, these are just reminders there is more to life than the human mind can understand. They are reminders of the greatness you are all a part of.

We know there are people who judge: the Loch Ness monster is good, or bad, evil, or Satan, or god, or whatever. But “Nessie” is simply a reminder of the oneness of All That Is.

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National Geographic is one of the most popular magazines ever. They’re a reliable source of many historical stories, real and mythical. In this short video, they talk about Loch Ness monster sightings.

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