Love and Politics

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In this era of bitter partisan politics, while the black cloud of the coronavirus is hanging over our heads, love might seem like a strange topic to talk about. Especially when you combine it with politics.

As you know if you’ve been with us a while, we have no political convictions or values. We’ve done our best to remain “above the fray” of politics over the years. However, earlier this week, on Mother’s Day, I watched New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s news conference.

You don’t hear politicians talk about love, especially in these challenging coronavirus times. But that’s exactly what Governor Cuomo did in his Mother’s Day talk. He honored, first, his own mother. And then he honored all mothers, and all humans, as he spoke about love.


We once defined love as the choice to see the divinity in all beings. Not just those close to you. But all beings. That includes yourself.

You never think or act alone. Why? Because you are all connected. It cannot be otherwise.

Until you accept the reality of your oneness always, you will never find the peace on earth you say you want.

Every hate you carry wounds the whole world, and beyond. Every love you carry heals the whole world, and beyond.

Your thoughts and deeds can either kill or heal. There is no middle ground.

Love is all there is. The rest is illusion.

Copyright © 2020 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


This is the video of Governor Cuomo’s news conference on Mother’s Day. You don’t have to watch the whole conference. But the part where he talks about love starts at about 23 minutes, and ends about 31 minutes.

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  1. George Ball

    Yes, dear John, love is the way. You go at it, man! Love, George

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