What Masks Are You Wearing?

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Years ago a good friend asked me, “What masks are you wearing?” A bit startled by her question, I replied, “I’m not wearing any masks.” “Yes, you are,” she said.

In the years since that day, I’ve come to realize she was absolutely right. We’re all wearing masks. We’ve become experts at disguising our true identities.

It’s even reached the point where many of us believe we ARE our masks. We’ve totally forgotten who we really are.


We completely agree with what Johnny’s friend said to him years ago. You are all wearing masks. The biggest, and often the most detrimental, mask you wear is your human ego.

We are NOT here today to criticize or judge your ego. Your ego is a necessary part of your existence as spirit in human form.

You all knew, before you incarnated, exactly what you were getting into. You knew exactly what the ego was and what its purpose was.

Your ego, albeit the biggest of your “mask collection,” if you will, is also absolutely necessary for you to be able to navigate through time and space. You could not physically survive on this planet were it not for your ego.

So when you’re tempted to chastise yourselves and condemn your ego, be aware that it is a useful tool. But it is also a mask—it’s not who you truly are.

Once you can see the ego in the light we’ve just described it, you will feel a great sense of relief. You might even learn to love your ego. That is entirely appropriate, and we highly recommend it.

You get yourselves into difficulty when you believe your ego IS you. As we said before, the ego is simply a tool, a necessary tool, to enable you to navigate through time and space.

When your physical journey is done, you will lay aside the ego and your physical bodies. It is then you will see clearly who you really are—eternal spirit. You are one with God, with each other and with all that is.

So, yes, you all wear masks. But you also wear the light of Spirit. You are far wiser and more powerful than you know. Do not allow your ego, your masks, to convince you otherwise.

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Here’s an unusual, intriguing short video, Behind the Mask. It graphically demonstrates what so many humans do without even realizing it.

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  1. George

    I’m reminded of the song I sing every day as I leave my apartment: “Off we go into the wild blue yonder; flying high into the sun. Off we go into the arms of Spirit; we are home like everyone.” (Don’t tell anybody, but I sing this song to the tune of “the Army air corps.”)

    • John Cali

      Thanks again, George. I used to love that song years ago, especially when I was a commercial pilot. I really like your added words — “Off we go into the arms of Spirit.” Perfect! 🙂

  2. Dan

    I had wanted to comment when I first read this article but the timing didn’t work out with what else was going on in my life. Like most people, I think I am writing for myself but perhaps, John or others may find it interesting.

    When I was twenty, I had my ego crushed – I was dumped by two different women on different sides of the country. At the same time, I started playing guitar better than I knew was possible for me at that time. In fact, it didn’t feel like me playing – more just observing. My body did not feel like it was under my control. And conversing with people was next to impossible – what ever I would say was heard as something completely different – I was in a different time and space than the people I was with – and though I was elated feeling connection with all that is – I also felt like this was not a space I would want to stay in. I also recall time and space being quite fluid – the skyline kept changing and I couldn’t really count on anything being the way it had been.

    Coincidentally (or not) I wrote a song right around that time – “You become the mask you wear” – so I guess I was asking to have my own mask dropped.

    Years later, I am comfortable wearing the human mask – I might talk about the divinity in all of us but not say I am god or you are god – though I do grasp that from my personal experiences. I prefer to try to meet people where they are but also maintain my own peace and joy as much as possible.

    I have all the emotions like everybody – feeling anger at times and sadness etc but these are reminders of how good life normally feels.

    I am grateful for the articles, John and Spirit – this one resonated because it validates experiences which are mostly impossible to share or be received by others as similar experience.

    Anyway, when I play guitar now and improvise – I don’t really know where the music comes from but I prefer the feeling that I am playing even though I also feel like the music is merely flowing through me. An ego is not a bad thing as long as it can get out of the way enough to appreciate other people.

    Love and thanks,

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Dan, for sharing your experiences so beautifully. The way you describe your playing and your music is perfect. That’s exactly how I feel when I’m channeling. As you said, the music is just flowing through you.

      I think we all live in two worlds — the physical world (which is really just an illusion) and the real world, the realm of Spirit. I love the way Jimmy Twyman’s The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking puts it:

      “A Spiritual Peacemaker is aware of two worlds at the same time, one where bodies and physicality seem to have meaning, and the other where all true meaning lies. They are able to translate between the two, and in doing so are truly helpful.”


      • Dan

        What a beautiful quote by Jimmy Twyman – thanks for sharing that – I really like the idea of translating between the two worlds

        • John Cali

          Glad you liked it, Dan. Jimmy is, in my opinion, one of the greatest spiritual teachers on the planet. As the saying goes, he walks his talk.

  3. George

    John, Thanks for wearing the mask you wear. I like it. Love, George

  4. Ron B.

    ¨ We are NOT here today to criticize or judge your ego. Your ego is a necessary part of your existence as spirit in human form.¨

    Maybe so but I am not so sure. No fear, no ego. It is fear which causes us to mask the roots of our fears. And there are many of those. For example in this capitalistic environment the must fertized fear is that of insufficiency. Not enough this or not enough that and I will suffer and die. Just pick up any news article on the net which allows comments and you will readily see what I mean.
    It is easy to tell if fear is hiding in that ego. Does it feel like it is on the side of love? If not it is a servant of fear, its opposite.

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