Years ago a good friend asked me, “What masks are you wearing?” A bit startled by her question, I replied, “I’m not wearing any masks.” “Yes, you are,” she said.

In the years since that day, I’ve come to realize she was absolutely right. We’re all wearing masks. We’ve become experts at disguising our true identities.

It’s even reached the point where many of us believe we ARE our masks. We’ve totally forgotten who we really are.


We completely agree with what Johnny’s friend said to him years ago. You are all wearing masks. The biggest, and often the most detrimental, mask you wear is your human ego.

We are NOT here today to criticize or judge your ego. Your ego is a necessary part of your existence as spirit in human form.

You all knew, before you incarnated, exactly what you were getting into. You knew exactly what the ego was and what its purpose was.

Your ego, albeit the biggest of your “mask collection,” if you will, is also absolutely necessary for you to be able to navigate through time and space. You could not physically survive on this planet were it not for your ego.

So when you’re tempted to chastise yourselves and condemn your ego, be aware that it is a useful tool. But it is also a mask—it’s not who you truly are.

Once you can see the ego in the light we’ve just described it, you will feel a great sense of relief. You might even learn to love your ego. That is entirely appropriate, and we highly recommend it.

You get yourselves into difficulty when you believe your ego IS you. As we said before, the ego is simply a tool, a necessary tool, to enable you to navigate through time and space.

When your physical journey is done, you will lay aside the ego and your physical bodies. It is then you will see clearly who you really are—eternal spirit. You are one with God, with each other and with all that is.

So, yes, you all wear masks. But you also wear the light of Spirit. You are far wiser and more powerful than you know. Do not allow your ego, your masks, to convince you otherwise.

Copyright © 2017 by John Cali
Revisions 2021 by John Cali
and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


Here’s an unusual, intriguing short video, Behind the Mask. It graphically demonstrates what so many humans do without even realizing it.

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