Meditating with Devi by Hans Brockhuis

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Meditation is freedom from thought and a movement in the ecstasy of truth. Meditation is explosion of intelligence. ~ Krishnamurti

woman meditating

Woman Meditating

Come, while sitting in a comfortable chair, with me on a virtual bike tour through the Dutch polder landscape.

You have closed your eyes and breathed in and out a few times. In through your nose, out through your mouth. In this way you are able to attend to this special meditation in a way that is as lucid for you as possible.

While biking you are loudly reciting the stunning Gayatri Mantra as well as in music via YouTube by Deva Premal. (See the note below for the mantra and music.)

You are not sure how many times you did it, because you lost count very quickly. You look around and are, as always, awed by the variety in outlook which the, at first sight so-monotonous-looking flat, country is able to conjure up like magic.

There are the little woods, the pools, the many kinds of green, and not to forget the population of the countryside. Here are the cows, some horses, the hares, and the many birds. In the distance the range of dunes, coming closer by and by, and where at last you end up between the queues of trees, beech and oak, providing you with again another kind of scenery. There is this small pool in the middle of the dunes, of which the edges are overgrown with buckthorn and tall grasses.

At last you arrive in the big city which, short of the traffic and the buildings and the busyness, also bubbles with life, and not only human life.

You decide to go and buy something to eat and drink at a cafeteria to consume on a nearby bench, with a splendid view of the busy highway. Surely not a very inspiring location, but it is better than nothing and you are tired and hungry.

Provided with food and drink, you walk to the bench you have found, but to your surprise, a beautiful young lady is now sitting there, who wasn’t there but moments ago. She is reading a book, but looks up when you get hesitatingly ready to sit down next to her. “Hi,” she says with a warm voice and a twinkle in her eyes. “Sit down. You must be tired after a long journey.”

 Astonished, you ask yourself how she knows, but good-heartedly you say hello and make a comment about the beautiful weather. An unanswerable remark, I know, but at the moment you aren’t able to think of anything else. This woman possesses such an indefinable fragile beauty, which for me is almost daunting.

While the young woman is reading again, you start to eat your French fries with sauce, and for some time neither of you says anything. But all of a sudden she starts to speak again.

“My name is Devi, ” she says, and shakes your hand while you tell her your name. “Yes, I know your name,” she replies. “I also know that on your journey this way, you have been enjoying everything in nature that grows and blossoms and captivates.” She is referring to a certain radio show about nature in general that used to be broadcast many years before she even could have been born. You are flabbergasted that she seems to know about this.

“You’d never have thought I would know of this, have you?” she asks. “I want you to know that I have followed you when you were biking through the countryside, and that I received a lot of pieces of thought you were transmitting. You have been reciting ‘Om bhur buvat,’ right?”

“Oh yes, I know,” you answer. “But I was certain that no one was around, while I was doing so. I do not like to stand before the pole.” (A Dutch saying.) Oh-oh, biking, and at the same time standing before a pole. My choice of words once again earns the Pulitzer Prize, you think with a grin.

“Like I said, my name is Devi.” She goes on with a fabulous smile. “In daily life I am a Deva, like the one that appears in your mantra. Think about it.” That you do and by heart you once again recite the Gayatri Mantra, one of the oldest and most divine ones from India. And indeed, “bargo Devasja”—there it is. Never thought of it before.

Of course, you know something about Devas in general and that Devi would be the feminine form. While you look sideways at your bench mate and especially to her transparent radiation and red hair—she definitely possesses an Irish appearance—you can imagine that she derives from the Devic realms, for the time being transformed into something that looks like homo sapiens. But then, the beautiful soft type—you know what I mean!

“Thank you for the compliment,” Devi says with a smile. You are a little bit ashamed and think that you have to look better after your thoughts, when someone who apparently has no difficulty to know what is transpiring within someone else’s head. She lets that go, though, and says, “You would want to understand a bit more about the devic dominions, wouldn’t you?”

The world around you has become astonishingly silent. Neither do you hear or see the speeding cars anymore. She and you are alone in a bubble of silence, and nothing else than the two of you and her story is important now.

“Listen,” she begins. “There is an enormous variety in the devic realms. Reaching from the more simple, respectable gardeners of God’s creation, up to the mighty beings who help Mother Earth with her spiritual growth.

“The Devas with a higher consciousness are able to verbally communicate with humans, just like we are doing right now. But then, humans are no longer used to react upon such ways of communication.

“Everybody is able to detect us with their senses—see, hear, feel or smell. Everything is possible. You may also know intuitively that we are here. This is also valid for different devic ways of communication. Sometimes we show images, or we let you feel something, or let you know otherwise.

“When you were underway along the little lake, you cried out with all of your heart, ‘Oh what a gorgeous lake!’ Unconsciously you tuned into the Being of the Lake, the local Deva.”

To just say that you are impressed is an understatement. Here you are, just communicating with her, but you know that this would be an exception. Therefore you ask her, “Devi, what is the best way for people to tune in with beings like you?”

“It is so unspeakably easy,” she replies, “that you would hardly believe it: ASK AND BE SILENT; TUNE IN ON THE COSMIC CARRIER WAVE! When all is silent, you can hear it rustle in your ears. It is analogous to tuning in on your radio. When you move the switch a little bit too far, there will be only noise. Switch off the radio, the left side of your brain, and feel! In this silence a thought may sneak in that might be, how absurd your answer might look.

“Often we speak in images or symbols. Do not make it too difficult. The first thing that comes to mind is usually right. Communicating with the devic realms is like beginning a relationship, a liaison. After some time you may learn to distinguish the very personalities of each Deva. Some are short and abrupt, others are kind, and again others present their ideas in a flash. But, speaking in general, you can learn to recognize their individual vibration as if it were our energetic signature. In that way you may learn to make a distinction about what thoughts are coming in from yourself, and which are derived from us.

“Look around you, to ‘reality,’ as you did while journeying through the polders. Another way in which we may try to start a chat is by means of the changes in this ‘reality.’ Such as a sudden breeze or a sign alongside the road that gives you a suggestion. Or maybe a group of birds flying above your head at a crucial moment. You saw the two hares that ran alongside you for a while in the pasture beside the biking path. Also an unexpected difference in time can sometimes be interpreted as a certain way of communication.

“We have talked enough though. The sun is setting and it is time for you to go back. Thank you for listening. I wish you well.”

You look down for a moment to the French fries that have turned cold and want to thank her for all her wisdom. But she has gone and you become aware again of the traffic that is still roaring in front of you. Yes, it certainly is time to go home and be able to come to terms with all you have learned.

“Thank you very much,” you say to the air on the place where she sat, but you do not hear anything anymore. A tiny breeze strikes against your hair and your spine shivers, and you know that it is Devi who says goodbye to you.

Slowly you come back to the here and now, and you know and are thankful for a beneficial journey with far-reaching views into the realm of the Devas, that you experienced while meditating.

(From Lemuria, meaning “Thank you to stand in your own power.”)

Note: Here are the mantra (the English translation from Hindi) and video meditation, respectively. Note that the meditation is 2 hours long—you may not want to do it all at once.

Oh God, the Protector, the basis of all life,Who is self-existent, Who is free from all pains and Whose contact frees the soul from all troubles, Who pervades the Universe and sustains all, the Creator and Energizer of the whole Universe, the Giver of happiness, Who is worthy of acceptance, the most excellent, Who is Pure and the Purifier of all, let us embrace that very God so that He may direct our mental faculties in the right direction.

Copyright © 2016 by Hans Brockhuis


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  1. Hans

    Thank you, Pat. Indeed, Deva Preval is awesome!

  2. Pat H.

    Great message as always, John and Hans, but the video is the star of this one. Absolutely stunning images that are at the same time soothing. I’ve only been through the first :05 of it, but you can bet I’ll be getting back to it. My most profound thanks for this and all that you do.

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Pat, for your kind comments! I agree — the video is very powerful.

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