The Myth of Heaven and Hell

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I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell. You see, I have friends in both places. ~ Mark Twain


Folks often ask us, in emails and private readings, what life is like “beyond the veil,” in the realms of spirit. In what you might call heaven (or hell). It’s a good question. So today we’re going to give you Spirit’s perspective on it.


First, there is no “veil,” no separation between you and us. That’s a story humans have invented. Another story you’ve invented is heaven and hell.

In fact, there is no “you,” no “us.” We’re all one. Any appearance of separation is just that—an appearance, not reality.

In your modern world, many of you, especially the aware ones, are questioning what “reality” is. Perhaps you’re one of those. That’s another good question.

Reality, as we see it, is far different from what your human, physical eyes can see. That vision is only the limited and distorted image of your ego.

Human egos see only what they have projected “out there.” Their thoughts determine what they see. And that is what they call “reality.”

So, obviously, if their thoughts are chaotic, they see a chaotic world. If their thoughts are peaceful, they see a peaceful world. What you call reality, then, is a mirror, not a fact.

Given that, how can you ever hope to know what’s really real?

“So,” you’re probably asking, “how do I change?” Well, you cannot go on doing things the way you’ve always done them. That will simply get you more of what you’ve always gotten.

We’ve often suggested that you strive to see through the eyes of God (or Goddess, Spirit—whatever word you prefer). How does God see? Let’s start with how God sees your world.

One of Johnny’s favorite sayings from The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking by James Twyman, is:

“Give only love, no matter what the conditions seem to be, and that will be the only thing you perceive. The world will adjust according to your vision.”

Note that last part: “The world will adjust according to your vision.” (emphasis added) That means the world you see will be a loving, peaceful one. And that is what God sees.

That’s how much power you have—the power to literally change the world, to create heaven on earth, to restore yourselves to the oneness you never truly lost. Then you, God, earth, heaven—and even hell—all become united in the oneness of all that is.

We realize our words here today have likely raised as many questions as they answered. So we may continue this conversation another day.

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In this video James Twyman, aka The Peace Troubadour, talks about oneness and how it important it is in all our lives.


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2 Responses

  1. Ron B.

    The idea of creating heaven on earth means different things to different people.
    The steps I take to experience a condition as heavenly will seem like hell to others and that is as it needs to be. The diversity is essential. It is the foundation of this game, this reality.

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