Negative Energy by John Cali

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Over the years, my spirit guides have talked often about negativity and negative energy. How do we deal with negativity? Is there an easy way to do it? Or is it always complicated and difficult?

Well, those of you who’ve been with us a while know how simple and easy Spirit says life really is. It’s our human limitations (all self-imposed) that make it seem complicated and hard.

I love this quote from Lao-tzu:

“In order to eliminate the negative influences, simply ignore them.”

Many spiritual teachers and spirit guides tell us to take our attention away from the negative influences, the negative energy we do not want in our lives. Then those influences and that energy simply go away. Even a so-called “terminal” disease will vanish if we simply remove our attention from it.

Do you believe that? What are your thoughts about this?

Share with us your experiences with ridding your life of negativity. Please comment below.

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  1. Reinis Ikass

    I agree.

    But I had to go through my own experiences of looking at and accepting, integrating my shadow, my darkness. To realize there's nothing in it, it's all self-created, it's my Divinity reflecting back at me my own beliefs, state-of-being – so that I can consciously choose what I prefer.

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