Opposite Field by John Cali

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You fall in love with films because films help you fall in love with life. ~ Neale Donald Walsch


Preview of June 2015 Volume 6 of Spiritual Cinema Circle Films from Gaiam TV

in orbit for eternityOrbit Ever After

A touching comedy taking place in an unspecified future when life on earth — and above it — boils down to fundamental survival. Can a boy and a girl find happiness together when they see each other only once every orbit?

20 minutes in English. Written and directed by Jamie Stone.


the anti-love pillThe Anti-Love Pill

Cillian is tired of the heartbreak of love. So he accepts relief in the form of a new pill whose potentially dangerous side effects will arise after five days’ dosage. Or is it six?

13 minutes in English, Written and directed by Karl Argue.


a prisoner thinks he is GodThe Voorman Problem

Two brilliant actors — Tom Hollander and Martin Freeman — portray a prisoner who claims he is God, and a psychiatrist who must show him he is insane. A twisted look at the intersection of faith and certainty. Academy Award nominee.

12 minutes in English. Directed by Mark Gill.


first African team in the Little League World SeriesOpposite Field

The inspiring true story of the first African team to ever play in the Little League World Series. The boys exhibit a depth of character and persistence that help overcome a childhood spent in poverty. A documentary with a warm portrait of some unexpected heroes, laced with suspense and concern over the ultimate outcome.

73 minutes in English. Directed by Jay Shapiro.


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