Playing Cat and Mouse

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One of our readers asked us about this issue:
I understand that the rule in the animal world is: eat or be eaten. But I can’t understand why a cat “plays” for fun with a mouse before he kills the mouse. That seems so (unnecessarily) cruel.

We’ve written about animals a few times in the past. This post is a bit different from those earlier ones.


You’re imposing upon animals human characteristics. Animals, wild or domestic, never hold cruel intentions. It may appear that way to human eyes. But animals are simply being who they are. They remain as God created them.

Part of that, as with the cat and mouse, includes “eat or be eaten.”

Now let’s take a look at human behavior when it comes to “eat or be eaten.”

You are likely aware of the many forms of human cruelty toward animals, other humans, even Mother Earth herself. All of these seemingly cruel and violent behaviors are serving a purpose.

As you know, this is a time of great awakening on your planet. Those acts and events, seemingly unnecessarily cruel and inexplicable, are part of your awakening.

More and more humans are aware, every day, that something has to change. The change is inevitable.

Those like you, painfully aware of the chaos and pain, are here to help quicken the change. And you are here to help others awaken to the glory and power within.

That awareness will “save” your planet.

Then the power of Love, the power of God, will create the heaven on earth you’ve dreamed of since time began.


Here’s a beautifully-filmed video of a squirrel doing battle with a hawk. It has an unexpected ending.

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Edited by Berna Copray

Do you think cats are being cruel when they kill mice? Or how about other animals who kill each other?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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2 Responses

  1. Jean Horn

    If everyone were true to themselves there will be a wonderful change in the world we see.

    Great post John
    love and hugs

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