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This week I’ve been “babysitting” my brother’s and sister-in-law’s elderly, ailing cat Caesar while they’re travelling. I had to take Caesar to his veterinarian for a checkup a couple days ago. While in the waiting room I spied a book called Animals Are Soul Too! As I scanned through the book I realized it was filled with stories of animals acting more like humans than, well, animals.

When the vet’s assistant carried Caesar back into the waiting room she looked sad. The vet said Caesar likely had only a few days left to live.

That reminded me of an article I’d come across just that morning. It was all about what not to say when someone’s pet dies. Among those was telling someone whose dog has died “It’s just a dog.”

That, in turn, reminded me of that long-ago cold and grey winter day my beloved dog Blackie died. Here’s an excerpt about Blackie from our book, Dogs: Heart-Warming, Soul-Stirring Stories of Our Canine Companions:

I’ve dealt with the deaths of my beloved dogs over many years now. When Blackie, my first dog, died just two days before Christmas, there was nearly no understanding or compassion from my family for the deep sadness I felt. In fact, one family member, on Christmas Day, criticized my feelings with the comment, “He was just a dog.”

When I was as young as I was when Blackie died, I could not understand people’s casual, almost cruel, attitude toward folks whose pets had died. Today I still don’t understand.

But what’s changed for me over the years is I now see animals as having souls. And—I know this is controversial, even among some “spiritual” folks—I also believe they are fully equal to humans, and as deserving of love and respect as we are.

My spirit guides have always held great respect and reverence for animals. In fact, one of my first guides, Tamarra, “specialized” in protecting and helping distressed or sick animals. She’s still with me, and is still doing that work.

This delightful video is quite popular, so you may have seen it. If you haven’t it will give you, as it did me, a touching view of a so-called “wild” animal. It will make you realize we truly are all one—and that includes not just humans. Thank you, Sharon!

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Have you ever been criticized for your feelings toward your pets? How do you react toward the critics? Do you believe humans and animals are equal? Are they equal in the eyes of Spirit? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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