Turbulence is life force. Let’s love turbulence and use it for change. ~ Ramsay Clark


People often tell me their hearts are breaking when they see all the huge, seemingly destructive changes on our planet today. It’s tough time to be human, especially for those without a spiritual foundation—and challenging even for those with a spiritual support system.

My dear friend and brother Ted Murray publishes Messages from the Heart, a free daily service. I’ve been following Ted a long time now, and thoroughly enjoy his inspiring, uplifting writing.

Today we’re featuring one of Ted’s recent messages, because it’s so timely in this upside-down world we live in. As always, Ted’s words provide comfort and hope in an uncomfortable and hopeless world. Here’s his message (added emphasis is mine):

Messages from the Heart for July 19, 2017

Be ready for major changes to take place soon. You have been waiting and expecting these things to happen more quickly. However, the universal time frame isn’t as impatient as humans tend to be. All is unfolding as it should. Your discomfort and sense of energy and mood swings is part of the awakening process. You are shedding layers of conditioning in such a short time that it is very challenging. The key is your own purification. You must be capable of bringing in more and more light without completely frying your DNA circuits.

As each of these major shifts appears, embrace it as part of the process. Don’t become fearful or try to deny what is happening. Even if it seems disastrous, know that dissolution must first take place before reconstruction can begin. The process is well underway. It has progressed much farther and faster than you can realize when looking from an earthbound perspective. Now is the time for trust and faith, Trust your own intuition and follow your heart when it says it is time for a change. Trust that the universal process is unfolding in a way that is much more miraculous than the human brain can begin to imagine. Greet the changes with love and joy and you will help others avoid the fear and frustration that will be the prevailing response.

Love & Light,

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