Remembering by John Cali

One of the most common comments we get from Spirit is they cannot tell us humans anything we don’t already know. All they can do is help us remember what we’ve forgotten.

I love this quote from Neale Donald Walsch:

“Teaching is never about helping others to learn but about helping them to remember.”

We did a private reading the other day. After we finished, the client remarked “Everything that was said I truly knew already in the depths of my being. I believe I just needed more confirmation.”

As Spirit also often reminds us, we’re all far more than most of us give ourselves credit for being. I love these words they gave us a few years ago:

“You are all wise and powerful beings — far wiser and more powerful than most of you have ever imagined. That’s how we see you. That’s how your higher selves see you. That’s how God sees you.”

As I see my work with Spirit, it’s simply about reminding all of us of who we really are and why we are here. And, as our client said above, giving us confirmation when we need it. Admittedly, I’m biased, but I think Spirit has a gift for conveying profound concepts simply and clearly.

How often have you been reminded by another person or your own spirit guidance how great you are? A common reaction to that is to deny it. I’ve seen this in myself.

Isn’t it time we acknowledged and owned our greatness? In doing that we will remember more of who we truly are and why we are here. We’re doing no one (including ourselves) any good by denying how powerful we are.

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  1. John Cali

    Thank you, Reinis. As you said, teachers are only reminders.

  2. Reinis Ikass

    This is so true. When I started on my spiritual journey, everything I read felt familiar on some level, like I already knew it and now was just being reminded of it.

    Same thing applies to teachers and students – like Spirit said in one of your newsletters – a teacher or a student is only a role we may play, but we are really neither. Teachers are really only reminders.

    As Bashar says – permission slips. Permission to remember.

  3. John Cali

    Thank you, Eric. I love your wise perspective. As you said, "It takes very little time when you start at the finish line."


  4. Eric

    The clue to speeding up the process is in the quote "That's how your higher selves see you." Imagine you live in heaven. Now. Because it's true. And it's your higher self who lives in heaven. You can't go to heaven, because you've never left. As A Course In Miracles (ACIM) says, it's a journey without distance. So get in the habit of looking lovingly at your apparently limited physical existence from the perspective of an infinite, holy, powerful, complete, and united being. Because that's who you are. As ACIM says (I'm paraphrasing): [no cares, no worries, no anxieties. Just perfectly calm an quiet.] It takes very little time when you start at the finish line.

  5. John Cali

    You're right, Chris — it's gonna happen because you're committed to being the best you can be.


  6. Anonymous

    Many people have hard time seeing themselves as smart, beautiful, loving and so on, because they are too much focused on their negative side of life.(Myself included). They are not letting themselves to be who they are.
    I listen Abraham everyday, I read Book of Joy very often, I come here to discover because it uplifts My vibration which is ofcourse good. I keep doing that, till these teachings are My second nature, till I'am gonna see the world like God sees it.
    I don't know how much time it takes, but it's gonna happen.


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