The Big Bang and Human Consciousness by John Cali and Spirit

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In the beginning there was nothing, and it exploded. ~ Sir Terry Pratchett, British author

The Big Bang

The Big Bang

Last week we received a letter from one of our readers, Cinda Miller. With her permission, here’s what she wrote:

Dear John,

I wanted to run something by you and see if it has a ring of truth to it. This is a thought that occurred to me the other day and in order to make sense from a thought I have to write it down.

I have not heard anyone speak on this and I respect your thoughts on spiritual matters.

It pertains to the Big Bang theory.

If there was a Big Bang and from that explosion everything came into existence in our galaxy, then we were and are a part of that Big Bang.

Could it be that when this occurred that our consciousness forgot all that energy is one and that this energy is Love? Could it be that we are in the process of reconnecting to our source after this separation? Could it be that this is the reason that the Universe loves us through our sickness, because we are all going to wake up from our trauma in our own due time?

When our children are sick, as parents, we are not angry at the child; we are concerned for their health. We provide all the care THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED. And as we “wake up” from our trauma, our energy is heightened. When our consciousness is raised, THAT awareness (energy) becomes the ripple effect that spreads to others, causing their consciousness to be raised.

It has been said that we are in a state of amnesia. Amnesia can be caused from a blow to the head (consciousness). If our consciousness has experienced a huge explosion, then could that be the reason for our feelings of being separate from the whole? And that now we are on our journey to reconnect to Source?

I would really like your input on this. Like I said, I have not heard this expressed before. So I need someone to bounce this thought off of.

Thank you, John.

Rainbows and Butterflies,

Note: If you’d like to contact Cinda, she’s given me permission, to publish her email address.

Spirit and John

The so-called “Big Bang” did happen. But it was only one of many, many probable realities (all of which are real). Some of you experienced the Big Bang—in other lifetimes, of course. Some of you did not.

So we would not say the Big Bang caused the forgetfulness, the amnesia, most humans have experienced over the centuries.

As you know, you all chose your “agendas,” if you will, before you (re)incarnated. Many of you have experienced multiple lifetimes on Planet Earth. But you have also experienced multiple lifetimes in other dimensions, in other star systems, etc. For some of you this is your first “visit” to Planet Earth. But most of you are what you call “old souls,” and you’ve been here many times over many centuries.

For those of you reincarnating, especially on Planet Earth, you chose at the soul level to “forget” what you knew before you came into physical form. This was all part of your life plan, if you will, of soul growth and expansion.

The Big Bang, for those of you who experienced it, did not cause forgetfulness. You did that all by yourselves.


Did the Big Bang actually happen? If it did, how do you think it’s affected our lives on earth today?

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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Here’s a somewhat humorous, but fascinating, perspective of the Big Bang from Abraham and Esther Hicks.


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6 Responses

  1. Jeanne

    You seem to be discussing three different issues that took place at different times. The Universe is thought to be over 33 billion years old. The earth is about four and a half billion. The separation experiment probably began about 4 to 6 thousand years ago. The big bang, if there was one, would not have much influence on the earth and very little on the beginning of separation. Except, of course, for the obvious. If there was no big bang, we wouldn’t be here.

    It is my understanding that our souls existed in other universes before entering this one, probably at the time of the big bang. We did not lose our connection with spirit at the big bang because we WERE spirit. We only lost it a few thousand years ago when we decided to play a game: What would happen if we incarnated and “forgot” that we are actually multidimensional beings? We are leaving the game now and regaining our connection with spirit.

  2. Mikala

    Did the Big Bang actually happen?

    I probably shouldn’t speak to this. My first thought here is “Who cares?” I know Creator Source created everything – all that is. How, over “how much” time, when did it start and was it “this” or “that” doesn’t really concern me. There is so much more to learn within and to become without I simply don’t have the time to try to figure out the details of creation —- assuming I would understand it all if I did know.

    Please, don’t take this as a criticism, it is not meant that way. I am serious. Just my opinion.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Mikala. Neither do I spend much time thinking about how creation happened. 🙂 But it’s an interesting question.

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