The word “blame” is used almost constantly in the news media, in government circles, even in churches. And certainly among individuals. Most of us have played the blame game at one time or another.

Here’s Spirit.


This whole issue of blame is a diversion. A diversion many humans immerse themselves in.

Why do we say it’s a diversion? Well, because it keeps you from taking responsibility for your lives. And it keeps you from owning your power.

The practical effect of blame is it shifts responsibility to where it does not belong. Examples:

“I’m such an unhappy person because my mother abused me.”

“I drink too much because I have such a lousy marriage.”

“I’m not making as much money as I should because my boss doesn’t appreciate me.”

“I don’t speak to my neighbors because people around here are so unfriendly.”

In blaming anyone or anything for whatever has gone wrong in your lives, you are abdicating your responsibility and your power. You are acknowledging you have no control over your own lives. Basically, you’re casting yourselves in the role of the victim.

Any imperfection you are seeing in another is only and always a reflection of the imperfection you see in yourselves.

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