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posticon Do We Really Create Our Own Reality? by John Cali

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Today we’re continuing our exploration of the Seth teachings, as channelled through Jane Roberts. Our earlier Seth articles were Life Is Supposed to Be Fun, Are You a Victim of Yourself? and Can We Travel to Other Dimensions?

Seth talks often of creating our own realities. In his 1974 book, The Nature of Personal Reality, he says “You make your own reality.” And “You form the fabric of your experience through your own beliefs and expectations.”… Read more

posticon The Blame Game by John Cali

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The word “blame” is used almost constantly in the news media, in government circles, even in churches. And certainly among individuals. Most of us have played the blame game at one time or another.

Here’s Spirit.


This whole issue of blame is a diversion. A diversion many humans immerse themselves in.… Read more

posticon Is Food Your Friend or Foe? by John Cali

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There are so many articles about food on the internet today, it’s often mind-boggling. The articles cover just about every food subject you can imagine: dieting (a big one), additives, preservatives, processing, genetic modifying, vegetarianism, etc. etc.

Are you confused? I can certainly understand if you are. Even the “experts” seem confused at times. I’ve got friends and family who analyze their food endlessly before they dare to take a bite. I used to be that way myself. I’m a vegetarian now, and that certainly makes things a little simpler.… Read more