Plenty of scientific studies have shown people can project their thoughts to other people, as with mental telepathy. Most of us have experienced some form of telepathy. Today folks talk openly about it since it’s no longer a taboo topic.

Telepathy often happens instantly, with no apparent passage of time, and regardless of distance. Some studies have even shown when people send telepathic messages, the receivers get the messages days before they were actually sent.

How is that possible? If we believe in linear time it’s not possible. But it happens. So is time an illusion?


Linear time does not exist in the nonphysical world of Spirit. Neither God nor the angels experience time. Therefore, they see neither cause nor effect. There is no cause or effect. There is only experience.

What humans perceive as cause and effect is simply a matter of focus — what they are focusing on is what they will experience. While cause and effect may appear real to human eyes, it is not. It is simply each human creating his or her experience by what they choose to focus on.

Even in your physical reality, time is flexible. Almost everyone has had experiences where time seems to “drag.” Or where it seems to “fly.” The dragging and the flying are far closer to the truth of what time really is than what your world imagines it to be — a fixed commodity, inflexible and unchanging.

You have all the time in the universe when you’re focused on aligning your energy with the energy of your higher self. When you do that aligning, you can literally expand time.

When you focus on aligning yourselves with your higher self, when you focus on the power of the present moment — then, time, as you know it, literally ceases to exist. In fact, everything that has ever existed, everything that will ever exist, exists now, in this present moment.

Time is an illusion, albeit a useful one as long as you are in your physical bodies.


What are your experiences with time “flying” or “dragging?” Do you believe time is an illusion?