The Illusion of Time by John Cali

Plenty of scientific studies have shown people can project their thoughts to other people, as with mental telepathy. Most of us have experienced some form of telepathy. Today folks talk openly about it since it’s no longer a taboo topic.

Telepathy often happens instantly, with no apparent passage of time, and regardless of distance. Some studies have even shown when people send telepathic messages, the receivers get the messages days before they were actually sent.

How is that possible? If we believe in linear time it’s not possible. But it happens. So is time an illusion?


Linear time does not exist in the nonphysical world of Spirit. Neither God nor the angels experience time. Therefore, they see neither cause nor effect. There is no cause or effect. There is only experience.

What humans perceive as cause and effect is simply a matter of focus — what they are focusing on is what they will experience. While cause and effect may appear real to human eyes, it is not. It is simply each human creating his or her experience by what they choose to focus on.

Even in your physical reality, time is flexible. Almost everyone has had experiences where time seems to “drag.” Or where it seems to “fly.” The dragging and the flying are far closer to the truth of what time really is than what your world imagines it to be — a fixed commodity, inflexible and unchanging.

You have all the time in the universe when you’re focused on aligning your energy with the energy of your higher self. When you do that aligning, you can literally expand time.

When you focus on aligning yourselves with your higher self, when you focus on the power of the present moment — then, time, as you know it, literally ceases to exist. In fact, everything that has ever existed, everything that will ever exist, exists now, in this present moment.

Time is an illusion, albeit a useful one as long as you are in your physical bodies.


What are your experiences with time “flying” or “dragging?” Do you believe time is an illusion?

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  1. Student

    Hello, John and everyone else. I’m a new subscriber but very familiar with the blog. Anyway I recognize this post is three years old so I hope you don’t mind my delayed comment. Oh wait, time doesn’t exist, does it, so I can comment on anything I want! Anyway I find it hard to grasp the idea that time isn’t real. For example if you asked Spirit to count to 60, a minute wouldn’t pass? Would it pass for you waiting but not for Spirit? I’m really sorry and I will accept if the answer is simply beyond the realm of logic. I wholeheartedly believe in this way of thinking to gain happiness but confused on the logical/scientific side. Thanks! Also, does this have anything to do with the Special Theory of Relativity? Sorry for my ignorance; I’m only in high school.

    • John Cali

      Thank you for your comments. You are NOT ignorant — you’re simply seeking answers, as we all are, regardless of our age.

      I’m not a scientist, so I cannot answer your question about the theory of relativity. However, I can say we all experience timelessness every day. Or rather every night, when we sleep and dream. Time does not exist for us when we are sleeping. Linear time certainly is necessary for us to navigate the physical world while we are in physical bodies.

      But in the realm of spirit, there is no linear time. Everything exists in what I like to call the “eternal now.” There is no past, present, or future — only the present moment.

      I hope that helps.

      • Student

        Thanks John. The sleep analogy makes sense; time seems to be fuzzy or nonexistent in dreams.

  2. Mary Carol

    HI John,

    Once I really accepted that the past only exists in my mind, it became easier to clear out the junk. I imagine a room filled with old burdens, and I clean it out with a snow shovel. The junk goes into a fire in front of me, and I watch it burn. When all that’s left is ash, a giant rain washes it away.

    I was told for years that we had to relive old hurts in order to let them go. Finding I could just burn them up without even wondering what they were has been amazingly freeing. Now I can shine a light around that “past” room in my brain, and sweep away any little nasty bits that show up.

    Coming up with a concrete image of the non-existence of the future is harder for me. While I accept it rationally, it’s harder to grasp emotionally. Your article helps.

    Thank you!

    Mary Carol

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Mary Carol, for your comments and insights. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people say they must go back and relive the past before they can heal it. I never understood how re-creating pain could help you heal. It’s counter-intuitive, at least to me.

      Thanks again.


  3. Lisa

    Great Topic!! “Time” escapes me when I am on the computer reading something that interest me,or doing research, Gosh…I will look up and 3 hours or so has passed,I keep telling myself I really need to spend less time on this computer.

    When I meditate, I see what time it is before I start,But my mind,images,etc..get so facinating that I stay in meditation for awhile,then when I come back,Wow…It’s been another 3 hours or so.

    We get so busy in life going by Time,deadlines,appointments,etc…I remember back when my children were younger,we would go camping,when we 1st started camping,there were no cell phones,but we had pagers,…So when we would go camping,we would make it a point when we arived to take off any pagers,watches,etc…and just went by daytime-nightime,My favorite hobby is fishing,I would stay out all day until it started getting dark,it is the most peaceful feeling staring at the water,waiting for a fish to finally hit your line! Then gather to go in and eat,and normally make a campfire to set around,talk and really listen to your kids without any disruption.

    I am not a materialistic type person, So Camping is the “perfect” vacation to me,as you get off schedule of time and just have fun and “BE”

    Blessings and Hugs for all that you do!!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Lisa, for sharing your experiences with time. It’s a fascinating subject!


      • Lisa

        Your very welcome John, I can also relate to Jan’s experience on Falling, About 15 years or so ago,I had a really bad case of the flu,and was in bed all day,I woke up a little past midnight to go into the kitchen and take more medicine, afterwards getting a refill on my water in a plastic cup.

        The last thing I remember is walking towards the hall to go back to my bedroom,suddenly I thought “I hope I can make it” felt very dizzy,and the last I remember is falling face forward!! I woke up the next day in bed,with blood on my night clothes and felt really sore.

        I looked over at my husband and immediatly said “what did you do to me? what happened” he has never hit or abused me,so I’m not sure why I said that other than the shock of being in my bed with splattered blood on me!! He said “You don’t remember anything?” I said No?? He said he heard a noise,got up and found me laying in the floor,I had busted open the skin under my chin,pretty deep,he kept asking me if I wanted to go to the hospital?,and knowing I wouldn’t want to go anyway,he cleaned the wound,butterflyed it closed,and carried me back to bed, He said he asked me many questions. To this day,I cannot even remember a thing!! I have had several other instances where I can’t remember anything that happened as well?? Like being under anesthesia and not knowing what happened under surgery…very strange!!

  4. Jeannie

    I find when I’m writing nothing exists outside, no noise, nothing to take me away from it. Time doesn’t exist, I’m totally in the moment as I watch words spread out across the page. Sometimes I’m so fascinated by the letters and forms that I forget even my body. I assume whatever I’m writing will make sence and allow myself the joy of the moment.

    love and hugs

  5. Shirl

    Great topic and one that is often difficult for our 3D minds to grasp.

    Certainly it is that there is no time in Higher energy vibratory places, everything we perceive to be past, present or future is actually occurring all at once. Pretty confusing when we are in this 3D existence so therefore the “illusion” of time is quite helpful for us to understand and catalog our experiences.

    Indeed there is only NOW. So what we do, think, say and feel in this now moment is very important to our growth and understanding. We are the creators of our next now moment.

    Not only is time an illusion, our very 3d experience/existence is also an illusion. We are the dream. We live within this very real illusion we have created in order to grow and expand our consciousness. Some say the dream is a night mare, others see that we can consciously direct, influence and bring to greater perfection the JOY this dream was intended to be for us.

    Just as when we fully embrace the knowledge that time is illusion it disappears, when we fully embrace the life experience is an illusion it will dissolve as well.

    Blessings and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Shirl. This is a fascinating topic to me, though I agree with you that it’s hard for our minds to grasp.

      Big hugs,

  6. Jan Craft

    I have an example! One Fall, when I was up at my cabin in Northern Minnesota, I tripped over a space heater as I was getting up from the dining table. I didn’t even realize that I had tripped until I slammed into the door jamb across from the table and realized I had tripped. All of a sudden my body was on the floor but my head hadn’t touched the floor. I remember thinking that my head was going to hit the floor with some force but I couldn’t stop it. Time slowed down then and I remember the side of my head hitting the kitchen floor and I felt the pain move across my brain from where it hit on the left side of my head; pain moving across to the right — so slowly. Then time returned to normal. I laid there awhile, managed to get up and got into bed (it was late evening). I slept all night, I was sore in the morning and then quickly around noon, all pain left and I was fine! And that’s the end of my story! Perhaps it all happened so I would realize how time can speed up and slow down so quickly!

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