The Power of Compassion by John Cali

Be Compassionate

Many folks my spirit guides and I talk with want desperately to help their loved ones in pain, whether its physical, mental, or spiritual pain. And they often feel helpless, not knowing the right thing to do.

Here are some thoughts from Spirit:

You can choose to live from the outside in, allowing the whims of the world to beat and buffet you about. Or you can choose to live from the inside out, allowing your natural state of love and joy to create the world you experience. Then you will be a force that can help heal those in pain.

Being in a state of joy, peace, and happiness while you are with someone in pain is the best thing you can do for them. Your words may or may not help them. But your energy of love and joy will radiate out to them, even if you speak no words.

They will feel your energy. It will permeate every part of their being. They will feel your love, and eventually they will feel their own love for themselves.

That is the best, most powerfully healing way to help those in pain. Help them with your power of compassion.

Adapted from Spirit Oracle Cards by John Cali, Frederic Calendini, and Stephanie Quesada (Great Western Publishing, 2012)

Here is a powerful video of compassion in action. We’ve seen this one before, but it’s worth seeing again.

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How can you be more compassionate toward the people in your life? How can you be more compassionate toward yourself? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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  1. Chieko

    I think the following video shows powerfully what real compassion is.

    Abraham has said “For the most part, not always but nearly always, compassion or empathy is lack related.” But I see the compassion those people in this video show is not lack related at all. Abraham has also said “We are empathetic with who you really are and who you want to be.” That’s exactly how those people around James Blake Gallion in this video are.

      • Chieko

        You’re most welcome, John.

        I was in tears when I read what “Rooster” wrote to Jenin — “…This was the last time I was going to try something new. I was going to give up on everything and just stay home on my computer but as I was walking over, I heard what you said about me and it reminded me that some people do care about me and still believe that I can be someone. So I never gave up, cause I wanted to make you proud.”

        I saw the power of compassion/love/praise there. Just knowing the existence of someone who cares about you, and believes in you as Source/Spirit/God does, can give you such incredible power. I also felt indescribable love and respect to Rooster who said so sincerely “…cause I wanted to make you proud.” When we face challenges in life those are the words we want to say to our parents, spouse/lover, children, ancestors, friends, spirits, and all those who love us. They don’t need to hear our words but just saying to them in our hearts gives us strength. The power of compassion/love is beyond measure.

        After I saw this video, I felt indescribable appreciation toward my parents for having allowed me to do what I had wanted to do. When you reach the age you yourself become a parent, you will, for the first time, know how courageous your parents were to let you do what you wanted to do. You’ll feel deep appreciation to your parents because now you know how scary it must have been for them. You’ll feel even more so when you now see how reckless you were just because you were young with no fear. And you may even wonder if you yourself will be able do that for your children. Now I feel my parents believed in me as if they believed in a religion called me, just because I was born as their daughter. I’m sorry, Dad and Mom, for not knowing how you’d been feeling, for not knowing it wasn’t easy. But I appreciate you so much having given me the freedom to choose. And thank you so much for believing in me, regardless of whether my choices seemed wise or not to your perspectives.

        Thank you, John and Spirit, for reminding us of the power of compassion. As Spirit has said, we should be “in a state of joy, peace, and happiness” first so we’ll be able to see that in others also. In order to see others as who they really are, we ourselves have to be in that state first — so that we will know and feel who they really are is in that aligned state also. As Spirit has beautifully said, “They will feel your energy. It will permeate every part of their being. They will feel your love, and eventually they will feel their own love for themselves.” — Beautiful power of love, alignment, and compassion.

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Susan! I’ve only recently discovered Mooji, and I think he’s magnificent.

      • Susan

        I discovered Mooji recently, also, thanks to someone else on this website. The first video I saw was the “Laughing Buddha”… It caught my attention, to say the least!!!

  2. CanRon

    I guess I am emotionally immature in some way. Sorry, but when I observe stuff like this video I get an emotional reaction. As far as I can tell it is the same feeling as sadness.
    The point I would like to make is that when I feel this type of emotion, I go to my intellectual center to try and figure out what it actually is that I am feeling. Not very efficient, though, as it is like choosing from a list of possibilities or probabilities. Sure I could easily convince myself that I am feeling compassion, or love, or sadness, or grief, or a bunch of others depending on the circumstances. But it really is not objective and I know it. Then I have a choice. I can continue to wallow in the feeling or I can separate myself from it. To separate from it I must again use the intellectual center Again a slow tool but the only one I can find in my bag.
    Either way I have to come to judgement. So if the result of my judgement is positive, it is ok.
    If the result of my judgement is negative, such as –this guy should stop running or he might aggrevate his injury–it is not ok. And yes I am aware that the word should indicates my coming from a wrong place but again that changes nothing. So is the answer for me to just stop watching the video from the instant that the injury occurs or what. I am now confused.

  3. Ed Peterson

    Until you learn to allow others to have the life experience they have chosen for themselves (whether consciously or by default), you are judging their actions.
    When you are judging someone’s actions, you are not in balance.
    When you are not in balance, you feel emotions that do not feel good like anger, sorrow, fear, pain which is telling you that you are not in balance.
    When you are not in balance, you cannot give them the only thing that you have to give them, your love.
    In fact, when looking at someone’s current life experience and judging it as “bad”, you are adding to their experience, which means you are supporting the bad. This causes them to draw more of the bad experience to themselves.
    If you are not able to look at someone in love, seeing them as healthy, happy and whole, you do more harm by visiting them then you do by staying away.

  4. Claire

    Hi John,

    This morning I wrote: ” I want that all are happy, but I cannot ! ” And I answered : ” to be happy myself already, in my universe, and to include in this peace universe, those who I love, and the others are free to be or not there… ”
    At this time, I read again “Illusions” by Richard Bach, and I laugh a lot because I’m an expert in helping vampires …

    And I was as much affected by the problems of the world, ecology, human rights … a bit like the lady with Mooji in this video :
    I saw this video last year and I made the necessary return on the inside for me …and read Seth also reassured me that even the Earth will change for the better, when humanity will change, it gives me peace and confidence …we are all in transition to a new world more awake.

    “choose to live from the inside out, allowing your natural state of love and joy to create the world you experience”…yes ! I’ll make a badge!

    Much thanks to univers for sychronicity ! :))

    • John Cali

      Hi Claire,

      Thanks very much.

      “Illusions” is one of my all-time favorite books. Thank you for the reminder — I’ll have to read it again soon. Thank you also for the Mooji video. He’s an amazing guy.

  5. Mikala St. Germain

    Compassion begins with non-judgement, both of self and of others. The understanding that each life has it’s own pathway – for a reason. If you find a particular pathway or behavior of another disturbing, be grateful and express your gratitude that this was not your pathway, as you would find it very difficult, if not impossible, to find your joy within it. Then, look again with that understanding and let the compassion within flow out.

    While we are ONE in unity, we each have our own function within that unity. Acknowledge all of your relations, brothers and sisters, as part of yourself as you are a part of the whole. We are each where we are supposed to be at this moment. Allow your God-self power over ego, and all else falls into place – in all respects.

  6. Raine Biancalt


    You might like to see this footage from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Champion John Landy stopped to help fallen runner Ron Clarke, but then still got up to win the race – without an Olympic record for his five second stop.

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