Be Compassionate

Many folks my spirit guides and I talk with want desperately to help their loved ones in pain, whether its physical, mental, or spiritual pain. And they often feel helpless, not knowing the right thing to do.

Here are some thoughts from Spirit:

You can choose to live from the outside in, allowing the whims of the world to beat and buffet you about. Or you can choose to live from the inside out, allowing your natural state of love and joy to create the world you experience. Then you will be a force that can help heal those in pain.

Being in a state of joy, peace, and happiness while you are with someone in pain is the best thing you can do for them. Your words may or may not help them. But your energy of love and joy will radiate out to them, even if you speak no words.

They will feel your energy. It will permeate every part of their being. They will feel your love, and eventually they will feel their own love for themselves.

That is the best, most powerfully healing way to help those in pain. Help them with your power of compassion.

Adapted from Spirit Oracle Cards by John Cali, Frederic Calendini, and Stephanie Quesada (Great Western Publishing, 2012)

Here is a powerful video of compassion in action. We’ve seen this one before, but it’s worth seeing again.

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How can you be more compassionate toward the people in your life? How can you be more compassionate toward yourself? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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