John Cali

Spirit often gives me spontaneous messages, even when I have not intended to channel. Typically those messages are very short, and usually only for my personal benefit, not for the public.

However, Spirit obviously did not intend this message, given me in the pre-dawn darkness of a cold Sunday morning, only for my personal benefit.

Here’s Spirit.


Linear time does not exist in the nonphysical world of Spirit. Neither God nor the angels experience time.

Therefore, they see neither cause nor effect. There is no cause or effect. There is only experience.

Humans need the concept of linear time to navigate the physical world. But beyond that time has no reality.

So what humans perceive as cause and effect is simply a matter of focus — what they are focusing on is what they will experience. While cause and effect may appear real to human eyes, it is not. It is simply each human creating his or her experience by what they focus on.

As many, including us, have said, you get what you focus on, or think about, most of your waking hours.

So what does all this mean in the context of disease or illness?

Well, if there is no cause, no effect, then what is perceived as cause and what is perceived as effect are simply a matter of where you are focusing, and what you are choosing to experience.

If you have a disease, no matter how minor or major, you can heal yourself simply by removing your focus from the condition.

However, for that to be effective, you have to let go of the old notion of cause and effect. Your disease has no cause, except for the attention you’ve given it.

When you’ve removed your attention from it and placed your attention on health and wellness, the disease will vanish and you will experience health and wellness.

This does not have to take a long time, although it may. It can be instantaneous because, remember, in the world of Spirit, there is no time.

The disease you wish to be free from, and the health you wish to experience, both exist now, in this present moment. The present moment is the only “unit of time,” if you will, that matters. Everything that has ever existed or will ever exist, exists now.

So you can have either disease or health. Both are literally at your fingertips. Focus only on what you want. Think about only what you want. The choice is yours.

But the choice for health is much easier to make when you stay aligned with your higher selves, your spirit selves. Then you will make all your choices from the timeless perspective of Spirit.


After I transcribed and read Spirit’s words, I realized the message could be controversial, with folks responding positively and negatively. And I realized there’s more to say on this topic than we’ve said here today. So I’d be very interested in your thoughts. Please comment below.