The Voice Inside Your Head

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There’s an interesting story about Joan of Arc when she was on trial for heresy. She claimed God spoke to her regularly. The trial judge asked her if God’s voice could be just her imagination. She replied, “Of course! How else could He speak to me?”

The story may or may not be true, but it makes an excellent point.


Your Western society—churches, governments, other “authorities”—has thoroughly brainwashed most of you. You were never taught to rely on or trust yourselves.

If you were brought up in any traditional Christian, or other, religion, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Your world is in the throes of a massive transformation. You’re all aware of this. The old is being uprooted and replaced by the new. This is good, albeit painful at times.

Part of “the new” is you are learning to rely more on yourselves and ignore the so-called “authorities.” Eventually, you will remember who you are and why you are here. Part of that remembering is the most important fact of your lifetime: God speaks to you all the time.

How does S/He speak to you? In many ways. In a word, S/He speaks to you mostly through that voice inside your head. You can call it imagination, intuition, or whatever you want. You should, you must learn to trust it.

That voice is your highest and best authority. It is the only guide you need. And it is truly the only real guide you have.

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Listen as Swami Mukundananda tells an interesting story about how God speaks to us.


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  1. David Bolin

    Hi John!

    To expand on Spirit’s message a bit…..

    Think about the wagon trains of old traveling west and the little cabins in the prairies. If someone saw something that felt threatening, say indians or cattle rustlers, they had to rely on themselves. They couldn’t pick up the phone and call 911. Even if they could, how long would it take for the cavalry to get there? They had to be in tune with themselves to survive. They had to fiercly deal with in-their-face dangers or die.

    Their life force flowed through them every minute of every day. They knew they were ALIVE because life was in-their-face just as much as death. I think they were not afraid to FEEL because most of the time they did not have a choice. That was just part of life.

    Look at us now. We look outside of ourselves for just about everything. We used to read books and use our imaginations to visualize the Lone Ranger and Tonto saving the day. Now, we just look at a screen and the imagery is done for us. When we are ill do we talk to our bodies with love and apreciation. No, we go to the pharmacy to get a bottle of liquid or a package of pellets to solve the problem. Sometimes we go to the doctor first, then we go to the pharmacy.

    More and more we are not listening to ourselves, our ‘real’ selves’ and we are being less and less who we truly are. Sheesh.


    • John Cali

      Thanks again, David, for taking the time to comment.

      I agree — we look outside ourselves for the answers to nearly every question and situation we’re dealing with today.

      You reminded me of a story I heard long ago, when television was relatively new. Before that, of course, we had only radio. As the story goes, a man asked a little boy if he liked television more than radio. He answered “No.” Surprised, the man asked “Why?” “Because on radio, the pictures are better.” Great answer!


  2. Jeannie

    That is so very true. If you can’t trust yourself then who? The voice within, listen, put aside fear and disbelief and open your heart and mind and listen. When walking down the street and you suddenly think go left. Do you listen or shrug it off. It depends on the faith you have in yourself and the mind that is open.

    Great reminder
    love and hugs

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