We’re All God’s Children by John Cali

That title is taken from something an American politician recently said. It’s not something you’d expect a politician to say.

As most folks all over the world know, the United States government has become a hotbed of divisiveness, partisanship, and prejudice. Politics and government have become major sources of frustration for Americans.

The American people often see their politicians as dishonest, self-serving puppets. I have no political convictions nor much interest in politics. But I am heartened by the occasional breath of fresh air. For example, former US Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming.

Senator Simpson lives here in my town, and is a beloved member of the community. Al, as everyone here calls him, is plain-speaking, honest, compassionate, and delightfully funny. He tells it like he sees it. We need a lot more folks like him among the politicians—and all the rest of us.

This may seem an odd post for a spiritual blog and website, but I think we could all learn a bit about just being ourselves and saying what we think from this man who is a master of that.

Here’s a short video of Al demonstrating his expertise, and in the process skewering a few politicians, including his own Republican party:

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5 Responses

  1. Claire

    Hi John,
    Some thoughts … I can not put labels on people … and “We’re All God’s Children” was right for me, but this is confusing … “What’s God?” and “What does God do with his children?” it asks us to choose between see us all separated or in the unity …
    If we are in unity, we can say “We are all God”… It’s a real revolution…
    A human being who is in politics may follow certain conditionings or choose this inner revolution, I see it in all domains, science, religions, etc…
    Yesterday I saw this video, Richard Feynman (a founder of quantic physic) said beautiful things … the beauty and mystery of life … and doesn’t understand everything but have respect…
    Sometimes it’s better to say “I don’t know” and not have beliefs imposed from outside …
    I feel that to have only “concept of God” is dangerous…

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Claire.

      I know Al Simpson personally. So I’m pretty sure he was not being restrictive in his definition of God. In the context of his talk (not all of which was in that short video), I think the phrase he used, “We’re all God’s children,” was appropriate.

      My spirit guides, however, have a very broad definition of God. As one of them, Chief Joseph, said some years ago, God is all that is. No restrictions there. 🙂

      • Chuck

        The One is All and The All is one! We are all God. Nothing is separate except in the illusion of the experience.

  2. Jeannie

    That was really quite wonderful. I enjoyed the video, even in Canada we sure need more politicians like him……..I would say even in city politics we do. I love a man with a sense of humor!

    Thank you for the chance to see this engaging man!

    love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jeannie. I agree — we sure could use a lot more folks like Al.

      Love & hugs,

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