That title is taken from something an American politician recently said. It’s not something you’d expect a politician to say.

As most folks all over the world know, the United States government has become a hotbed of divisiveness, partisanship, and prejudice. Politics and government have become major sources of frustration for Americans.

The American people often see their politicians as dishonest, self-serving puppets. I have no political convictions nor much interest in politics. But I am heartened by the occasional breath of fresh air. For example, former US Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming.

Senator Simpson lives here in my town, and is a beloved member of the community. Al, as everyone here calls him, is plain-speaking, honest, compassionate, and delightfully funny. He tells it like he sees it. We need a lot more folks like him among the politicians—and all the rest of us.

This may seem an odd post for a spiritual blog and website, but I think we could all learn a bit about just being ourselves and saying what we think from this man who is a master of that.

Here’s a short video of Al demonstrating his expertise, and in the process skewering a few politicians, including his own Republican party:

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