Why Do Disasters Like Hurricane Sandy Happen? by John Cali

As you all know, Hurricane Sandy devastated many areas along the United States east coast last week. Among the hardest-hit were the metropolitan New York and New Jersey areas.

Many folks are still reeling from the shock and the aftermath of that storm. Damage has been estimated at $50 billion. Nearly a million New York and New Jersey homes and businesses had no electricity, and vehicle fuel is in short supply.

According to weather forecasters, tonight another storm, a so-called “nor’easter,” will descend on the United States’ mid-Atlantic and northeastern coastal areas, including New York and New Jersey.

We often ask ourselves why these things happen, why so many innocent people suffer and even die. I don’t suppose, from our human perspective, there are any good answers.

Roman Catholic Bishop David O’Connell of the Trenton, New Jersey Diocese said he had no answers. But he went on to tell his congregation “There’s more good, and there’s more joy, and there’s more happiness in life than there is the opposite. And it will be back. And we will be back.”

The bishop’s words probably sound familiar to those of you who’ve been with us a few years. My spirit guides often say, despite appearances, there is far more to be happy and joyful about in this world than there is the opposite.

Some folks get upset with us when we say such things. But I firmly believe if we focus on what’s good and right with this world, we’ll create more of that.

This week we’re revisiting an article we wrote a few years ago, When Bad Things Happen.

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  1. M

    With love for people in the northeast of the US.

  2. Susan

    Thank you, John, for a loving focus directed toward those of us in the Northeast. It certainly adds power to the loving energies that many of us who live here have been focusing over the past 10 days! I am so grateful that we have come through this time as well as we have and see improvements on a daily basis. Many will have to rethink how they choose to live or rebuild for the future, but that can be a very good (and probably necessary) thing. Much of the infrastructure in this area is very old and outdated. May Spirit guide us in moving forward!

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Susan. And thank you for your thoughtful comments. I’m originally from that area where you live, and I understand the need for change. God bless you all.

  3. Chuck

    Even for a most non-spiritual person who lives only through 5 senses, one thing is pretty clear that you feel whatever you make up in your mind. So we always have that choice.
    At a base fundamental level we need air to breathe, some food to survive. Cavemen lived in forests and caves! Everything else is we make up in our mind.
    Even if a child dies or family dies, you are still alive and can choose look at the beauty in the world. I mean its completely up to you. Its all mental. As many of you and the Bishop said you might as well Love yourself, your neighbor, the world etc then you are guaranteed to feel good.

  4. Robin Becker

    It probably all comes down to Law of Attraction..and many are living it in default basically. I would think areas hit hardest are pockets or clusters of people all vibrating similar..I am kind of writing this as a question and not a statement lol When there is a lot who transition..most humans think that is so horrible because they don’t know or remember there is no death and that dying is a beautiful experience. I believe if one is in alignment with Source they will be in the right place and the right time. If they want to continue this physical experience they make their intention known and will be guided. We cannot know the intentions and vibrations of those involved. I think disasters (earth changes) are what needs to occur to maintain the Earths balance. It is nothing to do with someone being punished. It is all vibrational…am I close???? lol

    • John Cali

      I absolutely agree with you, Robin. As we all know, there are folks out there who see storms and other natural “disasters” as divine retribution for sin. To me that’s complete nonsense.

      • Robin Becker

        I absolutely agree…the word sin makes me cringe. Nonsense!!!

  5. Joseph

    I so like what Stephanie said about gratitude. If we can go through life living in a ‘prayer of gratitude and allowance’, joy would follow us the rest of our days.
    This ‘perfect storm’, as some news castors have dubed it, was just that. They also said it did not follow natural patterns, which may give a clue to its’ origin and man-ipulation, yet it is my understanding that Mother Nature decided to used what was created and expand upon it for higher purposes. It gave her the opportunity to remove years of old negative energy in the areas effected using the energy of wind, water and snow (purification). And like all perceived disasters, it brough people together and opened hearts.
    Mother Earth is ascending and in order for her to do that she must temporarily stop her natural practice of taking on humanities’ crap/toxins/negativity, focusing on her needs so that she can reunite with Father and Oneness. Her children need to grow up and take repsonsibility for their actions for them to ascend along with her. Lessons for spoiled children always seem to need to be more severe, but always remember everything is always in Divine Order and at some level all have agreed to participate, using their free will, in the way things play out. As dear Dr Peebles states: “You are never a victim, but always the creator.” Law of Attraction 101 makes that quite clear. It is not that one lacks compassions, it is just a higher level of understanding that the supposed ‘victim’ so loves the other players in their story that they were glad to take on what ever role needed to bring a higher awareness to those remaining on stage.
    One channel for galactic beings wrote that our Star Brothers and Sisters used the two days of shutdown of Wall Street to make some major adjustment to the goings-on in our financial world. Time will tell, but it does point out that there are soooo many levels of things happening in our world at this moment that we just need to stay centered in our hearts, negating all fears as they appear, and enjoy the moments we have for what they are.
    The cycle (Picean) where duality was the tool for learning enlightenment has ended. The new cycle (Aquarian) is using the tool of Oneness for our growth. We are on the bridge that connect those two realities, deciding if we want to remain in the play or transition to another role, with either choice being OK – it’s just a choice. In order to move us forward there more than likely will be some more events that appear to challenge us. Yet there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the more we raise our vibrations, our light, the easier it will be to connect with that light at the tunnel’s end.

  6. Ed

    Our love pours out to all those suffering from Sandy and the other disasters we are experiencing around the globe. We say with all love that within each dark moment is an experience that can help us become present.
    In our busy daily lives, we loose focus on the present moment. We are not actually living our lives but just trying to make it through the day. Life is supposed to be more than just existing, more than just waiting for retirement, more than working for the next paycheck. Life is an adventure that seeks to be lived. By being present in each moment, we constantly evolve and change.
    Daryl Anka/Bashar very clearly addressed this in the 4th law of creation, “Change is the only constant, except for the first 3 laws.” When we try and resist change, whether personally or collectively, change manifests in whatever form it deems appropriate. This can be as sickness, cancer, natural disasters and death.
    So what does this type of change due for those that suffer or die? It may assist them in facing something they needed to face, or it may be to assist those that remain behind. Much local, regional, national and global compassion results from natural disasters, and as callous as this may sound, the resulting compassion aids the planet.
    Natural disasters help us look at the loss of life that is beyond our control, feel the pain and sorrow that this causes, and can make us think twice before we engage in wars where we choose to take lives.
    This is what we can all learn from a natural disaster: Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Time is short. Live every moment. Change is the only constant.

  7. Mikala

    The Earth Mother, a sentient Being, is changing in her evolution as well as we are. While She disturbs her children as little as possible within Her adjustments and growth, and Her attempts to undo what humans do to Her, purify Herself, there will be “natural disasters.” She is not static.

    I have lived through many earthquakes, the worst being in my childhood, as I was born and raised in California. As I have reviewed these experiences, I realized that little “miracles” were associated with every one of these times. “The baby was just taken out of the crib instants before the quake, but the crib was destroyed,” or “Luckily we were just approaching the little bridge over the river when it buckled and went down.” After the horrific hurricane in MO. a baby was found unhurt in a tree. All of this happens as it is supposed to happen, and those who have made the decision to go, do. Those who need to stay are “rescued.’ I have seen this all over the world, and it humbles me.

    I also believe that these things occur so that we may realize how blessed we are each day to have so much. My grandparents lived through winters at -60 F temperatures in a little home on the prairie that had no real insulation, no electricity, and their only heat was a little pot bellied stove. They raised 12 children there. They were happy and give thanks for all they did have.

    At the same time, I have great compassion for all the brothers and sisters who have lost so much, and are mourning the loss of loved ones as well as their possessions. I have no idea what I would do if my home and everything in it burned down. I would feel bereft. I like to think that at some point I would realize that I was still here, so I’d best find a way to move through since I still had work to do here.

    During an election year we see so much of the negative that I begin to loose my faith in people and the goodness in America. With all the terror and pain of Sandy, I now see my brothers and sister filled with love and compassion and willing to hold out their hands to ease the suffering of others. I am reminded that “There is that of God in every one.” And my own Love grows.

    Blessings to all,

  8. Stephanie

    Every ‘disaster’ brings with it ‘floods’ (pardon the pun) of opportunities for compassion and kindness .. from both near and far. A disaster also reminds us not to take what we have for granted (electricity, water, gas, loved ones) .. and to thankfully APPRECIATE all that we have and all whom we love.

  9. LaTanya

    Paraphrasing Abraham…. we get to attached to these human bodies; they are for our use for a time and then we go on to the next one. The earth is our stage to develop, director and co-create the plays of our life. I agree with Spirit there is so much more good to focus on than not. Please don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out to the people in the eastern part of the United States but for reasons I may not understand or for that matter anyone else, there is reason for all. This situation is another one we have to grow from.
    Thanks John for the opportunity to share my thoughts. All is well.

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