As you all know, Hurricane Sandy devastated many areas along the United States east coast last week. Among the hardest-hit were the metropolitan New York and New Jersey areas.

Many folks are still reeling from the shock and the aftermath of that storm. Damage has been estimated at $50 billion. Nearly a million New York and New Jersey homes and businesses had no electricity, and vehicle fuel is in short supply.

According to weather forecasters, tonight another storm, a so-called “nor’easter,” will descend on the United States’ mid-Atlantic and northeastern coastal areas, including New York and New Jersey.

We often ask ourselves why these things happen, why so many innocent people suffer and even die. I don’t suppose, from our human perspective, there are any good answers.

Roman Catholic Bishop David O’Connell of the Trenton, New Jersey Diocese said he had no answers. But he went on to tell his congregation “There’s more good, and there’s more joy, and there’s more happiness in life than there is the opposite. And it will be back. And we will be back.”

The bishop’s words probably sound familiar to those of you who’ve been with us a few years. My spirit guides often say, despite appearances, there is far more to be happy and joyful about in this world than there is the opposite.

Some folks get upset with us when we say such things. But I firmly believe if we focus on what’s good and right with this world, we’ll create more of that.

This week we’re revisiting an article we wrote a few years ago, When Bad Things Happen.

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