Your Amazing Body by John Cali

Spirit often talks about the self-healing powers of our bodies. Yet we sometimes question and doubt those powers. Or we interfere with them, though not normally by deliberate intent.

An article I recently read talked about our bodies’ amazing abilities, not only to heal themselves, but also to regenerate themselves. Research is ongoing. But, according to the article, the human body can regenerate its liver, heart, red blood cells, brain cells, digestive tract cells, skin, and so on.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts on the human body.


Your physical bodies are such amazing mechanisms. They are far more resilient than most of you know.

You could come down with a dozen of the most dreadful fatal diseases known. But if you could completely distract yourself from the dis-eases, your bodies would quickly heal themselves.

It is not your bodies which prevent their own healing. It is you and your beliefs in dis-ease. Your bodies’ natural state is one of well-being, of perfect health.

Your world today has a stronger belief in dis-ease than in wellness. There are many professions whose reason for being is the mass belief in dis-ease, and the dis-belief in wellness.

Think about this: Every cell in your bodies has its own consciousness, its own intelligence. And every cell knows how to work perfectly in love and harmony with every other cell in your bodies.

Problems develop mostly when you get in the way of what your bodies instinctively know how to do. The deterioration many of you experience as you grow older, moving through the years of your lives, is not inevitable.

However, it is inevitable (and obvious) you will move through the years. You will age. But aging is not the same as deteriorating. You can move gracefully and joyfully through the years without disease or despair.

It is perfectly possible for you to die joyfully in a state of perfect health at the time of your choosing.


What have your experiences been in healing your own body? Do you believe your body can heal itself? Please comment below.

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  1. Micki

    I do like this one John and believe in it so much, but we all have certain doubts brought about by our personal upbringing, our beliefs and of course the media. It takes a while to realise that we can and do heal ourselves. I, for one plan to age gracefully and enjoy this life to the fullest. Huge hugs to you.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Micki! I love your perspective on aging gracefully and enjoying life. Now if we could get everyone to see life that way….

      Love & hugs,

  2. Susan Hewitt

    Hi Spirit & John,
    Awesome reminder. Another spirit group I follow,
    Abraham, reminds us of this, as well. It’s such a relief to know that I am in charge – I am the creator of my own adventures. Thank you for this perfect reminder.

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