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In this blog we’ve recently talked about several of the Seth concepts, including life is supposed to be fun and creating our own realities. Today we’re going to talk about yet another of those concepts I first heard from Seth.

I spent many of my younger years living in the past or the future, but rarely in the present moment. I was forever wishing the present could be as good as I remembered the past. Or that it could be as good as I imagined the future.… Read more

posticon The Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams, Part 1 by John Cali

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The subject of manifesting our dreams comes up in just about every private reading we do, and also often in letters people send us.

John Cali

Many folks believe manifesting is a complicated, mysterious process, and if they don’t do it exactly right, they’re screwed. Many have seen the popular film, The Secret. And they wonder why they cannot do what the folks in the movie are doing.

There’s plenty of information on manifesting — in books, classes, seminars, on the internet, etc.… Read more

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