A World of Fear by John Cali

In her blog Louise Hay recently said “If you read a newspaper from cover to cover every day, you’ll live in fear.”

I agree. I haven’t had a newspaper subscription, or television service, in over 20 years. And haven’t missed them.

According to the Nielsen Company, the average American watches television over 4 hours every day. No wonder so many folks are filled with fear!

In one of our articles my spirit guides said “…television is one of the most negative influences in your modern world.”

In another article they talked about fear and television: “This fear-filled environment is the one many of you, as humans, grew to adulthood in. And, of course, this is a most stressful environment. You can see that stress manifested all around—and perhaps within—yourselves. Every day, your newspapers and television screens are filled with these manifestations of fear. And so the stress, and the fear, continue in a seemingly self-perpetuating process, one that can feel almost impossible to break free from.

What can we do to change this world of fear to a world of love? Please comment below

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  1. Marlene

    I can't do anything about the "other guy", but I can choose to live my own life without fear. Maybe by living a life of fearlessness we can lead the way by example.

    I'm another one who doesn't listen to the news, and I rarely watch TV. There are just too many fun things to be doing instead!

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