Are You Trying To Save the World? by John Cali

Lately, for whatever reason, I’ve been hearing a lot from folks having a tough time with what’s happening on our planet today—the wars, corruption, financial collapses, crime, etc. etc. They feel lost and lonely, despairing of ever being able to change things for the better.

Is our world going to hell in a handbasket? Is there any hope, any light at the end of the tunnel?

Here’s Spirit.


You did not come to this lifetime to right the wrongs of the world. First, there is nothing “wrong” with your world. Obviously there are events and circumstances many of you would like to see changed. But you are not the world’s savior—you are not its white knight in shining armor.

You came to this world to participate fully in whatever experiences you’ve chosen to create. The same is true of everyone else on the planet. You are here to create your own life experiences and to co-create with others whatever experiences you choose to share with each other.

If others choose to create experiences you consider negative or “bad,” so be it. That is their right.

You cannot judge another’s experiences, choices, or intentions. You can only allow them. If you do not allow them you will drive yourself crazy.

If you do not seek your own happiness in whatever life experiences you have created you will never be able to help others find their own happiness.

The only place from which you can help others is that centered place of peace and power within you. Seek your own happiness first. Then you will be empowered to help those whose lives are difficult and dark. You will never be able to help anyone on this planet by taking on their pain and sorrow.

Be happy. Have fun. Then help others do the same by setting the example, the energy, and the vibration which will empower them. You cannot do for them what you are not willing to do for yourself.


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17 Responses

  1. Silvy

    Ah! Spirit … You are always right 😀 Everything starts at home, ha?

    Thank you John <3

  2. Martha

    I love what everyone said.

    Especially Shirl!

    My Warrior of the Truth is on a white horse as I ride around and wield my shining silver sword of Truth.
    I’m the GO TO person when people in my life need wisdom.
    I see everything so clearly and can go to the heart of the matter very quickly. But I have to admit I get impatient if they don’t get it! It’s the price I pay for being born wise.

    But if I’m so wise, how come I’m so miserable?
    I really do need to ease up on myself ( and everybody else) and, as the song says, ” Don’t Worry, Be Happy….”


    The Lone Ranger

    By the way, the Lone Ranger and I share the same birthday – September 14th!

    I really need RO give that up

    • Martha

      Meant to say, I really need to give that up!

  3. Jeannie

    This reminds me of a dream.

    I was walking along a river on a path with my mother. She fell into the river and not thinking I jumped in after trying to save her. She drowned and I drowned. I then heard a voice say you cannot save another unless you are on safe ground yourself, all you are going to do is drown too.

    When you are centred and in your own peace then through reflection, your light you shine a beacon for others to feel.

    love and hugs

  4. Mikala

    P.S. I forgot to say, “So, yes, I guess I am trying to contribute my part to making the world a place of peace, cooperation, love and light.”

  5. Mikala

    As I understand this topic, our job is exclusively to work on ourselves. As we raise our own vibrations of energy, we automatically give off that energy wherever we are. We also attract that positive energy to ourselves. When enough of us reach a cumulative energy vibration, it spills over into everyone and everything, and all changes as a life of peace and serenity, love and light becomes what all are reaching for in their individual lives.

    Also, to judge another, any other, or any condition with which we do not agree creates negative energy within us which serves only to hold us back, and to attract negative energy to us.

    So, I totally prefer Spirit’s last paragraph, “Be happy. Have fun. Then help others do the same by setting the example, the energy, and the vibration which will empower them.”

    Love to all,

  6. deborah

    I heard an interview with Thich Nhat Hanh several months ago and he said he doesn’t listen, watch or read the news. If something important happens he guesses someone will let him know about it. I thought that was good advice, so since then I have done the same thing and occasionally someone will tell me about what’s going on. I have been more peaceful since. My brother also doesn’t concern himself with what’s going on and he is peaceful and happy. So, I believe what spirit has said, it’s about working on ourselves and not trying to save others or the world. I spent many years trying to save others and it’s just too frustrating. I like working on my own lessons and giving others the space to work on theirs and just love them and myself for where they and I are on our journeys. As always, thanks for a wonderful article to enlighten me once again. Have a wonderful, peaceful day.

  7. Shirl

    This question made me smile. I’m still smiling. At one point earlier on in my awakening and seeking process I became filled with an energy I called “My Warrior Spirit.” It had a lot of different inferences, but perhaps the overriding one was that I was not only charged with saving the world but defender and warrior of the entire Universe! (Still makes me chuckle)

    Fortunately my good and ever present helper, Archangel Michael had a good laugh at me and my extrapolation of what that energy was. He asked me in quite a joking or humorous way if I REALLY thought I was responsible for not only this earth but the entire Universe. Really? I answered truthfully that yes I did. He laughed some more. He told me that my energies and intentions would be best served if I focused on creating the best version of ME that I possibly could. And that I should not worry for the world and the Universe are in good hands and if I was or am here or not all that potentially will unfold WILL unfold for the Highest and Best purpose of all. Surely I did not think that I was indespensible in the sense that I felt that particular responsibility.

    Knowing that I play a valuable role here, just as each of us do, that my responsibility was to myself, to my own growth and expansion and understandings and to emanate those higher vibrational energies to all I come in contact with.

    So, although I still love to picture myself as some gigantic, luminous version of Xena Warrior Princess, I have fully come to understand the guidance I was given and learned to apply it to my life.

    None of us needs to be “saved.” Many of us have thought that we needed to be “saviors.”
    I am not surprised that you have been getting such questions, John.

    Blessings and Hugs

  8. Kai-Ra-San

    Dear John,

    Could not agree more with Spirit’s view on this one.
    Interestingly enough Abraham-Hicks uploaded on youtube only recently a video of an interaction they had with a hotseater during one of their workshops this September discussing just about this subject guiding the somewhat disillusioned hotseater to an expanded view.
    A good one to share.. >
    Greetings and all the best for you.

    • Chuck

      thanks for sharing that video. It was really nice one.

    • Silvy


      I enjoyed that video so much! 🙂

  9. Patience

    OK…I will make an effort. I really will! I just feel so connected to the animals and their suffering. It’s like I feel it myself my heart hurts so bad.
    I still have not gotten a good answer about physical pain. There was a dog burned alive in a cage in PA. Why? This dog suffered horrendous pain. And needlessly because of some human who thought it was ‘fun’ to watch. Is this what the dog wanted? Is this creation? Should we not find who is responsible and punish them?
    And like that video I saw (Abraham-Hicks), what if the creations of others interfere with me and harm me? For instance global pollution and GMO foods. Even if I am not aware of them these affect me don’t they? We can’t help but affect one another. Should I put my head in the sand and do nothing? Should we all follow Cesar’s example and fiddle while Rome burns?
    BTW I found the responses in the Abraham-Hicks videos to be less that satisfying. They were pretty general and didn’t really address the core issues IMHO. For instance why would any loving spirit incarnate with a purpose to cause pain?
    For now my answer is to hide…to shut my ears and eyes and just pretend. I was happy when I was a child because I had no knowledge of the atrocities perpetuated by other humans. I will see if I can ignore it and be happy.
    I ‘get’ that if we are all one that what we do to another we do to ourselves, but still when most people are doing these things they are not aware of that are they?. They do it because they can get away with it and it doesn’t hurt them. It is the lack of love and caring that pains me I guess.
    Sometimes I think that we humans just make up Spirit to make us feel better because only the hope of a better life after death can make life bearable.

  10. Stephanie

    WONDERFUL explanation .. thank you John & SPIRIT

  11. Martha

    Save the world??

    I can’t even save myself!
    And anyway, I tried that. It doesn’t work. As a matter of fact, when I tried to save my family, it came back to bite me in ass. My delusion was, ” if I swoop in on my white horse,and save them, maybe THEN they’ll love me. Didn’t happen. Now they hate me more than ever. And I hate me too. The way I am. The way I’ve been longing to be rescued.

    I’m the ONE who needs saving.

    If I can save myself, I heal the World.


    Because WE are the WORLD.


    I’m the one who needs my LOVE, and I need it NOW.

    In the raw TRUTH that would set me free if I can just figure out how to do it,


  12. Sam

    Thanks for this, John and CJ. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of the world and forget our real purpose in being here. Ironically, I sometimes “counsel” others of this reality and forget it for myself. The last sentence of the message was a real jolting reminder for me. Thanks, again. Sam

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