Communication with Spirit

Since more and more people are awakening, more people are consciously connecting with non-physical sources. Therefore, we thought we’d make a post about this.


It is critical, in these wild times on your planet to stay connected to Spirit. Of course, you are always connected. You cannot be disconnected, for you ARE Spirit.

We know it’s tempting at times to question or doubt the information you bring through when you are speaking with Spirit. It does not matter by which name you call Spirit.

You are all one. So, we’d ask you, when you channel, to remember who you are channeling. In one simple word, you are channeling God/Goddess.

So, you have absolutely no reason to ever doubt the wisdom, the knowledge, the words you bring through when you channel.

In a real sense, you are not really channeling. You are merely speaking the wisdom you carry within you.

And that wisdom is coming from your inner being.

And, of course, your inner being is God. You and God are one/One.

Never doubt that inner wisdom. Never doubt your words.

Purely and simply, you are God. When you speak, God speaks. It is that simple, and that powerful.


Copyright © 2024 by John Cali and Berna Copray

Edited by Berna Copray


4 Responses

  1. Jerry

    I love this response from Spirit!
    It’s so simple when we finally release the outer world which we ourselves create for experience.
    Heaven and hell is within us in the now moment and we choose which one to express.
    Have fun, laugh, enjoy your creativity as a true God. All is well in all of creation!
    Thanks John and Bernadette, much love!

  2. Jeannie

    Welcome back! This is a perfect message to start anew!
    There is a show called Spirit Talk in Ontario. This is a Native American who goes around reservation in Canada and allows spirits to talk to Native people and those spirits help their ancestors! it is a connection that many have forgotten . He is a medium and helping those he speaks too.
    There are two other shows about dealing with ghosts, helping them to move on.
    These shows are created on a station for Native Peoples to express their unique abilities and thoughts.

    I watch this station and enjoy the programs. My son also watches it.

    Yes things are opening up, minds are expanding and dreams are active.

    Wonderful post!

    Ruby and Teddy says, hi and welcome back as do I

    love and hugs

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