The Dark Side of God

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I’m sure our title caught your attention. Does God really have a dark side?

We’ve talked before about the legendary Brazilian spiritual healer, John of God. What you may not know is John is now serving a prison sentence of almost 20 years. At his age, that’s effectively a life sentence.

Although his healing work is being carried on now by others, John is no longer part of the work, for obvious reasons.

So how did such a talented, genuine healer come to such an end? If we are all God, as spirit has said many times, is there a dark side of God?


All healing is self-healing. You’ve probably heard that before. The healing miracles Jesus (and others) have performed were so simple. Jesus simply accessed people’s minds. He healed them by helping them change their minds.

Healing is always a matter of simply changing your mind. Instead of dwelling on sickness and disease, you simply change your mind to health and well-being.

Healing is truly that simple.

You all are created in the image and likeness of God. You are God’s children. And you are endowed with all God’s powers. Including the power to heal yourselves and others.

Yes, you are still in physical bodies with human traits. One of those traits is what you call sin. That’s your dark side, the dark side of God, if you will.

We consider sin merely as a mistake. God doesn’t even see your so-called sins. S/He sees only the pure, sinless divine being S/He created and loves unconditionally.

This includes all who, like John of God, may have stumbled along the way. But no one is ever lost. Sin and your dark sides are only illusions you’ve chosen to play with for a while.

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In this video Alan Watts talks about “The Real You.” Few of us have a clear idea of who “the real you” is.

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  1. George Ball

    I’m glad we’re not lost. Thanks for your great message.
    Love, George

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