The Greek philosopher Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

That’s a pretty stark statement. But it makes sense to me. My spirit guides often advise folks, including me, to take regular inventory of our lives. The idea is to evaluate where we are in relation to our goals, aspirations, and dreams for ourselves and the path we are following.


In our view, it’s important for all of you to pause and take time out from your busy—and often stressful—lives. You owe yourselves the luxury of “downtime” now and then.

Here are some ideas and questions, in no particular order, you might wish to consider:

  • Am I truly happy with my life?
  • Are my relationships satisfying and loving? Do they serve all involved?
  • Am I doing work I love? Or, at least, am I taking steps toward that work?
  • Am I at peace with my body, regardless of its current condition?
  • Have I examined who I truly am? Do I recognize myself as spirit in a human body?
  • What do I truly, deeply want for myself and my life?
  • What do I truly, deeply want for my loved ones?
  • How can I best serve others, the world, and myself?
  • Can I allow others to follow whatever paths they choose without judging or criticizing them?
  • Am I making the difference in other people’s lives I want to? In my own life?
  • Do I see the divinity in other people, animals, plants—the whole planet?
  • Do I see the divinity in myself?
  • Am I having fun? If not, why not?

The honest answers to those questions will help you make whatever course adjustments you need on your journey. The result will be a life filled with more love, peace, abundance, and joy.

Joy is your life’s purpose.

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Do you take inventory of your life regularly—or even just now and then? Do you think it’s helpful to you? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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