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As I looked at our website statistics this past weekend, I was a bit surprised to see among our most popular articles and posts are those about animals. In our latest blog post, He Was Just a Dog, we talked about the spiritual aspects of animals, domestic and wild.

Today we’re continuing that subject. This will be a shorter article than normal, as I’m away from home again (unexpectedly) for the next couple weeks.

Here are some of my spirit guides’ thoughts about our sometimes-confused feelings toward animals—especially when it comes to deciding to be a meat-eater or a vegetarian. (I personally am vegetarian. But I honor everyone’s choices, whether they agree or disagree with me.)

  • Animals have spirits (or souls) which are just as real and as deserving of love and respect as humans. 
  • Animals have the same intense feelings and emotions as humans. 
  • Domestic pets are as much a part of your families as are the humans. 
  • If you choose to eat meat be sure the animals are raised humanely. Give thanks to the animals’ spirits before you begin eating. 
  • Respect and honor the choices other humans make, whether you’re vegetarian or not. 
  • Animals can teach you much about love and healing. They are far wiser than most humans know or acknowledge. 
  • Your animals are always with you. Your relationships with them continue beyond the veil of death.


This video is a touching perspective of animals from a source you might not expect:

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What are your experiences with animals? Do you see them as inferior to humans? How do you think God or Spirit views animals? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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