After our Death and Euthanasia post a few weeks ago, several of our readers asked us to talk about euthanasia as related to animals.


One of our readers commented, “Please talk about euthanizing pets. Most of us can’t tell what the animal would want.”

Another added “Please do address thJ8Fcx4Mfd32ssnev@x9G7ske topic when pets/animals go through physical suffering and how we can be of better assistance to them. Thanks again for doing such a great service for all of us!”

Those are good points. So we’d like to briefly discuss animals’ views of life and death.

Humans sometimes project upon animals traits that are exclusively human.

For example, animals have no concept of past or future. They live strictly in the present moment, the eternal now. That is all they know, all they care about.

When humans suffer, it is often because they are living in the past or the future. If they are physically ill, images of past and future only worsen their physical challenges.

According to A Course in Miracles, neither of what you call “past” or “future” exist. They’re illusions. All you have is now.

If you have a beloved pet who is suffering from an illness or other painful physical condition, the best thing you can do for them is to communicate with them telepathically. Animals are experts at telepathic communication. Humans are not always.

But if you simply talk with them mentally, in your mind, they will understand. They will reply to you. This communication will be crystal-clear, if you trust the process.

In this way, if you have an animal who is suffering in any way, you will know if they are ready to leave their physical body or not. Simply ask them, and trust their reply.

We talked, several weeks ago, about euthanasia for humans. The same principles and guidelines apply to euthanasia for animals.

If you trust your communication with animals as much as you do your communication with your human loved ones, then you will always know what to do. You will always know whether or not it is time for euthanasia.


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Spirit has said many times over the years, “You never lose those you love.” Of course, that applies to all you love, human or animal. This is a short, beautiful tribute to the animals many of us have loved.

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